Friday, January 4, 2008

comin' down with a touch of crazy..

Many of you know about the drama that I've been having with this old hag at work. Here's a little background (with incriminating details deleted):

Seriously, I want to know if I have done something to offend you. If I have I would like to know.
Also, did you block me from your IM or remove me for some reason? Just curious.
I have been slammed for the last week with way more than I can handle but you don't even say “boo” to me.
I don’t get it. (Another hag) finally stepped up and noticed I needed help and is pitching in. Granted I didn’t get up to let anyone know how slammed I was because it’s been non stop. I just don’t like feeling so distant.
Can you throw me a bone as to what’s going on?

Old Hag,
No, you didn’t. I just looked at my IM and realized I’d been logged off gmail. So I’m sorry if you thought I blocked you - I didn’t. Do you feel like you’ve done something to offend me? You seem overly sensitive about that. It was an honest mistake that I didn’t re-log into gmail. I just don’t see why there has to be “something going on”. If it bothered you today, you could’ve just mentioned it to me. I have a lot of people listed on my IM so I don’t notice if people aren’t logged on. I really don’t like have to justify myself all the time. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings nor am I that sensitive about random things that happen in the office. I don’t take things personally. Like I said the other day, just chill.
And if you needed help, you really should’ve asked. It’s not like I haven’t been here all week. All you had to do was say so. I’ve been working too and since I don’t see you as often now that the printer is away, I don’t know what you’re doing. I can’t exactly read your mind.

You are right, my bad. No I don't expect you to justify yourself at all. I know you have been busy too, but you are right again, I need to just chill. I just have been exhausted all week which is probably why i can't get over what I have, probably all stress related. Oh and no I don't feel like i have done anything to offend you, to answer your question below. I just wish once in a while you could bop over and we go get a coffee or something. We never did go for lunch and I would really like to do that, if you are still game. In the meantime I will just chill like you said. Sorry I read into this whole thing wrong. Please forgive me. Hope you had a great evening. I am drinking a stella right now trying to get over an exhausting day and headache from coughing so much.
I still would like for you to show me some of the work you're doing. It's not my intention to ever do it, but i would like to understand what it is your doing. Would you be game for showing me? I know you have been working hard on something with the plans, it's obvious. Hope you are enjoying it. It looks like you are.
Peace Out,
Old Hag

Old Hag,
As I’ve told you before, I have not been working on ---. What I am working on has nothing to do with --- – I've been working on ---. I took this over from someone after she left. If you’re really that interested in ---, you need to talk to your supe. I got specific training on it and I don’t feel comfortable passing it on since I still don’t do a lot of ---.
Honestly, it gets pretty annoying when I feel like I have to walk on eggshells and try to make you feel better and reassure you that I’m not mad. I don’t understand why you take things so personally.
I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well and maybe that’s what’s making your emotions heightened, but I can’t keep defending myself. I’m here to work and that’s it. I’m not trying to make you feel bad nor do I want to have to make you feel better over nothing. This isn’t high school.

Did I mention the Old Hag is nearly 50 years old? This took place some time in November I think and I basically tried to distance myself from her ever since. She's a trainwreck. I have never worked with anyone so needy!

Well now she's back at it again - trying to be my bff. Oh heck no! She's been pestering me about the gym I belong to, saying that she's planning to join too. She even asked if I was "game to go three times a week during lunch." Eff that. I'm always looking for a workout buddy but no thanks.. I don't want a workout hag. I didn't bother telling her that I work out at the gym closer to where I live and not the one by the office. Hopefully, she'll join that one and then "Oops, I guess we can't work out together."

And I guess she was pestering the gal who sits near me and kept asking her if I was at my desk because I wasn't responding to her IMs and she wanted to know if I was ignoring her or if I was just away from my desk. WTH? She's stalking me.

If anything happens to me, the whole world will know who did it!

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