Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the piggy is back and she's HONGRAY

*high five*

I can finally eat again. And to celebrate we went to a neighborhood
joint for some shabu shabu.

Tender marbly beef with all the shabu shabu fixings. I got the wagyu
with soy milk broth. De.li.cious.

On a non-food note, our young waiter was trying to make conversation
and mentioned he started reading Twilight. I told him that we live
near Forks and he damn near crapped his pants - he didn't even realize
it was a real place!

He told me I made his life and that he couldn't wait to tell his
friends that he practically met Bella.

Ummmm.... Can't talk now. Eating.

Monday, March 15, 2010

City of Lights

Still not feeling 100% since getting sick a couple days before
leaving Vietnam. Haven't been able to have the culinary adventure that
I was hoping to have. Barely eating at all and it sucks!

Who wouldve thought that I would be the one with the eating disorder
on this trip... HB has been getting his grub ON - eating both his and
my portion of each meal. Damn him!

Oh and he's also getting his SHOP on too! What the heck! I haven't
bought anything and so far he's purchased 3 shirts, a jacket and a belt.

I must be gravely ill.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This is a plane, not a bus

When we arrived in Macau, a whole bunch of people jumped up and ran
for the exit before we had even taxied into the gate. All the flight
attendants kept telling everyone to get back in their seats and buckle

They were all yelling at people that they needed to sit down and
finally one of the flight attendent yelled, "This is a plane, not a
bus! No standing in the aisle!!"

HB and I were dying.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hui tieu (I totally butchered the spelling!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

must learn to make this

I know it's now the trendy thing to drink young coconut juice straight
from the coconut, but this is on a whole new, and delicious, level.

The coconut water is made into a clear gelatin with a thin layer of
coconut milk on top, all served chilled in a coconut.

Omfg. I've had at least one every day so far. It's so magical and
refreshing and fragrant and yummy....


Hub's aunt took us to a famous Vietnamese gastronomy restaurant and
their signature dish was broken rice. It's basically the crispy rice
leftover in the pot - but way more delicious.

Served with fish sauce and scallions fried in pork fat. I think I just

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Kitty terminal

Trying the photo again. Sorry!

hot as pho...k

It's never too early or too hot for pho! Especially when it's
delivered to your door!

Time: 7:30 am
Temp: 80s

Hello Taiwan

(I have limited access to wifi in Saigon so my posts will just be brief snippets.)

Our flight on Eva air was fairly comfortable. Lots of movies to choose from - I watched New Moon, The Blind Side, and Fantastic Mr. Fox (cute and funny).

Hubs and I happen to be on the same flight as my cousin who was on her way to Taiwan. We had enough time to share a quick breakfast of hot and sour soup and shiao long bao (little dragon buns). Probably the best airport food ever! 

During our brief layover, we also saw the cutest terminal! Hello Kitty all over the place! Loves! I wish SeaTac had one. 

message from my iphone

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Technically, I haven't purchased a new handbag in over a year. (The last bag I got was a gift from HB - a deliciously soft Halston hobo.) And according to my homegirl Serena, I'm due for a new (self-purchased) bag!

My latest obsession is the Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy 30 in Cassis. I love. love, LOVE the purple color. Going on vacation in a couple days will make the purchase even more justifiable - it's a souvenir!

Thinking about it now.

Mommy had a monogram Speedy back in the day, but she apparently threw it away because she didn't want it any more.

(I'll give you a moment to digest what I just wrote...)

Since then, she's learned her lesson - Louis Vuitton is never to be thrown away. EVER.

Speaking of Mommy, she mentioned that she's already over the bag she bought barely six months ago!

I think I need to borrow it. forever. muaahahahahah....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oh the shame...

As a wannabe fashion blogger, I feel that I always need to be truthful with my purchases. All my purchase. No matter how embarrassing or shameful. I don't want to be one of those girls who only tells you about the designer finds. I mean, I do have my off days.

So here goes...

Yes. I bought TEVAS.

But they're not completely hideous, right? I chose the ones that look the least outdoorsy. They have a wedge, for Pete's sake! Give me a break! My justification for buying them was that I needed super comfortable sandals to take on our belated honeymoon to Vietnam, Macau, and Hong Kong! (Leaving Friday night! Eep!)

I promise to never wear them with socks. I'll even promise never to wear them should you and I cross paths in the future. And I promise to buy a pair of super high, uncomfortable heels to negate this purchase.

Please don't take me off your blog roll in disgust.

Monday, March 1, 2010

baby boy

Heck no! I ain't havin' no baby! Has it really been that long since I last posted?

Anylazyblogger, I'd like you to our little Igor.

He's a stray that we adopted to from the Humane Society. Igor is the sweetest miniature pinscher! All he wants to do is play. (That giraffe he's gnawing on no longer has a neck.. We have just the head and body left! Crazy dog.)

Igor was super skinny when we picked him up. His ribs and hip bones were jutting out and both HB and I felt so sad knowing that he was wandering the streets alone. He also has scar on the top of his head. The vet wondered if someone was trying to do some sort of operation on him because it's right near the soft spot on a puppy's head when their skull isn't fully formed. I hope not.

He's fattened up quite a bit in the few months since we brought him home. And he's finally getting comfortable at our place. All he needed was a little bed and blankie.

This litte guy is smart and fearless. It took me about 3 days to get to shake hands. (He'll do anything for food!) And it took HB just an hour to teach him to roll over! Now if only he'd learn to not bark and lunge at other dogs when we're out walking...

This is the first time that HB's had a pet. I was a little worried that HB wasn't up to the challenge, but he's stepped up to the plate and is a great Poppa to our little one. I think we lucked out because Igor seemed to be housetrained so we didn't have very many accidents. (I broke a toe nail while trying to stop him from pooping on the carpet. Ouch.)

HB can't wait to get another puppy. Who is this guy?