Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the piggy is back and she's HONGRAY

*high five*

I can finally eat again. And to celebrate we went to a neighborhood
joint for some shabu shabu.

Tender marbly beef with all the shabu shabu fixings. I got the wagyu
with soy milk broth. De.li.cious.

On a non-food note, our young waiter was trying to make conversation
and mentioned he started reading Twilight. I told him that we live
near Forks and he damn near crapped his pants - he didn't even realize
it was a real place!

He told me I made his life and that he couldn't wait to tell his
friends that he practically met Bella.

Ummmm.... Can't talk now. Eating.


J.A.C.K said...

moar foods for the piggy! more pics! glad you're feelin' better, sista!

Da Fashionista said...

i love you. - a pig