Wednesday, May 28, 2008

moment of madness

or what Miss Diabolina likes to call a "Shopping Frenzy."

I just took a long break and walked over to the Gap (I know! Again??) I can't help it! It's a block away! (And of course I'm wearing a top from them today! I hate walking into the store wearing something I bought from there. Is that weird? For some reason, I don't want them to know I shop there regularly.)

So I ended up picking up one of those white shirts designed by 3.1 Phillip Lim. It was only $16, from $78! How could I not? And then I picked up this little skirt that I've been wanting forever! It was on sale too and I just really wanted to buy it. Dammit.

I guess I didn't do too much damage. I didn't have enough time to try the shirt on, so who knows. Maybe I'll hate it and then have to return it.

wish me luck and patience

I've been craving this Jimmy Choo Mia bag in all black - not that weird burnt color. It's on sale at Nordstrom right now for $975, originally $1625.

I totally can't buy another bag this year, especially with my Lanvin and Chloe barely out of their dust bags... But oh how I covet this Jimmy Choo! I'm hoping that no one else likes it and that it will be marked down to 60% off.

I really shouldn't be blogging about it thus advertising it as a drool worthy bag. I shouldn't be giving you ballers out there a chance to buy it from right under my nose. Maybe I'm unconciously trying to sabotage myself and secretly wishing that someone else buys it so I don't have any further temptation.

Oh who am I kidding? I want it. And if I find out that you bought it, I'm gonna cut you. "Gimme my bag!"

The internal battle rages on.

fun at the gap

While in Spokane, we made a pit stop at the Gap because I wanted to see what they had marked down. I picked up a couple cute/cheap tops! I got the paisley version of tank and a grey version of the sweatshirt.

I love both of them because they were only $17 each! How fun is that? I totally waited for the paisley top to go down more than 50%. Gawd, when did I ever get so patient? But as I was surfing the Gap site for these pix, I totally saw some other stuff I want to get! Bad girl.

I'm actually wearing the paisley top today. I took off the matching tie and added a belt and cinched around the waist. Quite cute, if I do say so myself!

You'll be proud to know that I deleted all those "Sale!!!!" emails from Bergdorfs, Neimans and Barneys.

*clap clap clap*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so i didn't totally hate it

Got back from Spo-Compton, as my hb so lovingly calls it, yesterday afternoon. It was an even longer drive because of the traffic between Cle Elum and Easton. At least my left arm is darker than my right arm now, since I was driving.

Thank goodness we left Momma and Papa Bunny's house pretty early. I wanted to make it home in time for my brother's yummy barbecue - steak, chicken wings, oysters, roast veg and shrimp! Delish! My contribution was a chimichurri sauce for the grilled meats. Super duper easy! You should try it:

1 small shallot
1 lemon (I had to add some white vinegar - my lemon was a tad bitter)
couple cloves of minced garlic
bunch of italian parsley
bunch of cilantro
red pepper flakes

Pretty much just dump everything into a food processor and grind it up! Voila! Tasty steaky!

Anyway, back to Spokane (hopefully not for a long time!)

This time we decided to bring the little one - my family's doggy Napolean. This was his first trip away from home for so long. He was definitely homesick. But we had fun anyway! I took him for a long walk in the morning since for some reason I've been an early bird.

When HB finally woke up, we headed downtown and toured a park that has this humungous Radio Flyer red wagon. I've always wanted to climb on it, but HB hates looking like a tourist in his hometown. I'm like, uhh.. I AM a tourist! Hater. (I'll have to post the pix later.)

Nap-nap had such a good time at the park! He was running around like mad! And then we went and ruined the fun by leaving him at home with Momma Bunny. Poor little guy was so traumatized! He stayed on his bed (we brought it from home) and didn't come out of our room.

HB and I decided to go to the driving range and hit some balls. I swear, time goes by sooooo slowly in Spokane. It took less than an hour! So then we decided to play 9-holes at the local par-3. That usually takes a couple hours right? Nope. Spokane has this time warp where you try to find stuff to do to kill time and like only 30 minutes pass. I guess it doesn't help when I wake up at 7 am. Phooey.

And my back is kinda sore from the golfing because 1) I haven't played since last summer and 2) I'm just totally out of shape.

After golf, we hit up Northtown Mall. It's probably the lamest mall on the planet. I couldn't even bring myself to buy anything, and I LOOOOOVE buying things. Geez, can we finally get out of this god-forsaken mall? I wasn't even motivated enough to go into the Rack for fear that I'd be superbly disappointed with the lack of designer markdowns.

Ooooh, but good thing Momma Bunny was making dinner at home! She made a feast of salt/pepper crab! Oh my! I was sooooo tired after dinner. Who knew how exhausting eating crab could be?! It's too much work for too little meat.

Sadly, it was only like 7:30 pm and doggy seemed too traumatized from being abandoned in a stranger's house that it didn't look like we could sneak out and catch a movie as planned. We wound up watching PBS with Papa Bunny. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

I went to bed at about 10:30 pm and woke up before 7 am. *sigh* Momma Bunny made up for it by having chow mein ready for an early lunch before our early departure! Yay!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I'm in Spokane with hunny bunny now. Just a short 4.5 hour drive over the mountains.

Momma Bunny is so cute! Nearly everytime I've visited, she has a little gift waiting for me. The first time, she had a bottle of Aveda Brilliant shampoo. The next time, she had a huge tube of Skinceuticals SPF! That stuff is not cheap and you usually have to get it from a dermatologist or spa.

This time, because we've been banished to the unfinished basement (his aunt has occupied HB's room), Momma Bunny bought me some adorable havaiana flip flops so me feet don't get icky from the cement floor! She even had them adorned with three little gems! She's so thoughtful.

And yes, those are my unpedicured feet on the cement floor Boo!

Oh and Momma Bunny is hilarious. She calls watermelon "waterlemon"!

Friday, May 23, 2008

how the mighty have fallen

We all love Carrie Bradshaw's "Carrie" necklace. I mean, who didn't want to immediately run out and get a nameplate necklace all their own? There's a narcissist in all of us. (Don't lie!)

With all that popularity, I couldn't believe when I heard there was such awful customer service at jewelry designer Patricia Field's company! I mean, with SATC coming out next weekend, you'd think the designer of that delectable ornament would be bending over backwards to please the gals.

Word on the street is that a lovely young lass was trying to make a purchase online but needed to call in. Poor thing encountered such a miserable femme on the other line. Said femme had the nerve to hang up on the LYL mid-sentence! LYL being the sensible one, decided that perhaps the femme did so by accident and called again, alas no. That hang up was all but malicious! The nerve!

Then when she tried to calmly speak to a manager, the manager chewed her out too! What ever happened to "the customer is always right??" The so-called manager even threatened to block her email from shopping from them again - as if she would ever stoop to that level. Finally, an exacerbated LYL decided to cancel her order completely (good for her!) and demanded that a confirmation of the cancellation be emailed to her directly.

All was fine and dandy until she received the email.

"Difficult customer?" Tsk, tsk! I guess the old saying of "pretty on the inside and the out" does not hold true at this online shop..

yo feet stank

I just got a few pairs of these HUE footies. They're getting better and better! I boycotted these thing for a long time because they never stayed on my feet and/or you could see them when I wore flats. Kinda defeats the purpose of trying to look sockless when your socks show. Right?

Now they have these low profile versions that fit lower on the edges so they don't peek out of my shoes! At first I wondered how they would even stay on my foot until I opened the package and realized there's a little rubber on the heel that keeps the sock from slipping! Ingenious!

There are even sling back versions! I'm so impressed! I haven't tried those on yet, but Karen has and she gives them two snaps up. I don't know about you, but my shoes seems to feel more comfy when I'm wearing socks - no more chafing and no more corns! Err.. Is that TMI?

Three pairs for $15! Worth every penny, in my book!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


More shopping!

solid gold

Did you ever watch that show? It was awesome.

Anyway, I took a long lunch today (kinda by accident.. kinda not. *wink*) and ended up at the Chanel counter looking at nail polish. I was mainly inquiring about the limited edition bright L.A. colors. They're not in yet, but she said any day now. I kinda like that yellow one. I need to try it on first.

Being a good salesperson, she wisely told me about the upcoming Fall collection. Like, O-M-G. Forget the brights! Bring on the gold, sistah! The gold polish was to die for! And you better believe that I would be willing to have a good ol' fashioned knife fight in the name Chanel. Bring it on PazzoKev. Bring it!


She had a sample of the Fall eyeshadow quad palette with consisted of these luscious colors: gold, coffee, ivory and dark green. Of course I had to have her put me on the list for when these glorious shades arrive!

I feel prettier just thinking about it.

Oh and while I was at Nordstrom I also pre-saled this Vince jacket.

summer cashemere

oooh.. so soft!

Thanks Nicole!

memory lane

HB and I are heading back to his hometown for Memorial Weekend. I'm kinda dreading it. It's not that I mind hanging out with his parents or even the five hour drive - in fact, I quite enjoy the ride.. It's the sheer boredom of being in SPOKANE. Sure, it's like the third largest city in Washington State. But if you think about it, Seattle isn't really that big so if Spokane is the third... Well, you do the math.

(For the record, I was a bit perturbed that when HB's parents offered to come out here instead, HB told them not to as he wanted to go back there! WTH?! I could've stayed in civilization? Bah!)

Anyway, we head back east (oh how I wish I meant the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard or just anywhere fabulous) a couple times a year and I've learned the importance of planning activities. The first couple times, we basically visited all the malls (shopping in Spokane is rather uninspiring), watched movies and ate at Carl's Jr. (one of the highlights of each trip! Mmmm.. Big Star - with nothing but meat and cheese.) Now I find parks or wineries - pretty much anything - that might be interesting. I also try to think of movies we want to watch. Thank goodness for iPhones! His parents don't have internet, or cable for that matter!

This time, I think I might want to continue the drive and head into Idaho and check out Coeur d'Alene. I hear it's quite lovely there. I also have a list of other wineries around town. And Indiana Jones will be playing too. And I do want to make a stop at Nordstrom, AE and Aveda. And of course Carl's Jr. And we're coming home early on Monday.

I will survive.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

absolutely smashing!

I always love Friends & Family discounts! Save 20% at SmashBox by using the code FFSB08. Free shipping too! Yay!

Good through May 30.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

like I need a new dress

Ok. Who knows the designer of Blair's dress in the finale of Gossip Girl? I absolutely LOVED it!

And her headband was delish too! I would look smashing at all the summer weddings I'm attending!

I need to be a Waldorf.

nihongo o hanashimasu ka?

Did you see this on SNL? It was so funny - if only because they were making fun of Japanese people and not Chinese. Yikes. I'm not racist. I swear.

I know they're actually speaking Japanese but I can't pick up everything they're saying. Translation please!

you sexy thang

I'm wearing this cream colored Hanii-Y dress that I've had for a while. My walk to the office was rather brisk so I got a little hot and had to take off my cardigan. Sitting at my desk, I suddenly feel a breeze - on my stomach.

Yep. Once again I forgot to zip the side up and was basically flashing the intern next to me. Good thing he thinks I'm old and probably didn't notice. D'oh! Sadly, this isn't the first time. Come to think of it, I forgot to zip up the first time I wore this dress too. I suck. I certainly didn't learn my lesson.

It may be a sign that I should retire this dress. What do you think?

Monday, May 19, 2008

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's a...

... foot buffer?? Microplane has come up with a stainless steel foot buffer that magically removes dry skin from your crusty feet! I don't know about you, but still-in-sock-mode feet are not really ready to be seen in public. Don't you think the green is so cute?

Have you seen the commercial for that Ped Egg thing? Seems like the same idea, but the microplane is way more adorable. Anyway, that scene where the girl empties out the egg and all that white "dust" falls out. Icky!

Would you like some grated cheese on your linguine?

I kinda want to try the microplane one though. Maybe I'll get one for my mummy too. Her dogs need some work especially since she refuses to get a pedicure!

Thanks Jackie!

lucky b*tch!

NO FAIR! My cousin just got an email saying that she WON the grand prize for filling out some Allure Magazine survey! She's waiting for them to call her back right now! Grrr! I totally filled that survey out too! How about a little love for me? The only I've ever won was an Easter Basket when I was like 10. Hmph. I hope that lame prize didn't use up my good luck mojo!

This is what she gets:
The Grand Prize is round-trip coach airfare for two from the major commercial airport closest to the winner's primary residence in the United States to Scottsdale, Arizona; one standard room (double occupancy) for two (2) nights at the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona; two (2) personalized spa treatments for each person; and daily bento box lunches for each person; approximate retail value of the Grand Prize is $2,500, depending on exact itinerary.

I hate Karen! (Unless somehow no one else wants to go with her and she wants to take me! In that case, I heart Karen!)

fab 5

And by "5" I mean $5! I forgot to mention that I bought some new stunner shades from F21. Hahaha!

These are the biggest sunglasses EVER and they actually fit! Normally the bridge of my nose isn't high enough to hold up glam shades like this and I end up with lines on my cheeks.

I'm bringing these babies to Mexico! Definitely don't want to leave my real Chanel sunglasses at the beach.

(And you can see a blurry photo of HB and me circa 10lbs ago!)

culture club

Since hunny bunny was golfing all day on Saturday, I decided to hit the mall with my cousin. We opted for a mini field trip to Alderwood, which super far considering there's a mall less than 3 miles from where I live... But it's for that very reason our HBs won't let us go to Alderwood. Oh how little they understand that there are different shops at the malls, mainly Forever 21 and F21's accessory shop 21 For Love, or is it For Love 21? I don't know.

Anyway, I pretty much left F21 empty handed and I bought several pairs of tights from 21FL (I know, I know... Tights in mid-May? I'm just stocking up since I rarely go to this particular mall!) There was this cute little duffel bag there that both my cousin and I were coveting.. That is until we looked at the price tag. $25? Heck no! Hahaha.. At least not at F21! That's crazy talk.

Across the way, we spy a new shop called Love Culture. I guess it's based out of L.A. and we surmised that it's a knock off of F21. (How funny that F21 has a knock off when everything at F21 is knocked off! When did Alderwood turn into the Canal St.?) They had a few items that were decent, I ended up buying a cami that's reminiscent of something Jovovich-Hawk. But the rest of the store.. Holy crap.

Love Culture apparently LOOOOOOOVES padding. Boob padding! All these tops had foam boobage - it was insane! Wear a BRA ladies! (I wish their website was up so I can post some pix!) And while we were standing in line, we saw an entire rack of booty padding! Who wears that stuff?!?

I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny - when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist - And a round thing in your face - You get sprung!

I mean, I'll be the first to admit that I have a couple pairs of Spanx. But that's different! Sometimes a girl needs to smooth her junk when she's wearing something fitted, but booty padding is straight up false advertising. This is taking it too far.

Friday, May 16, 2008

LRB hearts discounts!

Save an additional 25% off sale merchandise at ChickDowntown
by using the code ADD25. Good through Monday, May 19.

Save 25% off EVERYTHING at LuvCharlie! Us the code take25. Good through Memorial Day.

UPDATE: Use XTRA30 at ChickDowntown and get 30% off on sale merch now! Still good through May 19.

even better

NKOTB in Seattle.. November 22! See you there!

Thanks Maria!


I don't think I'm dedicated to NKOTB enough. I'm a fraud! I saw part of their performance of their first single "Summertime" and I wasn't impressed. Could it be that I don't love Jordan and Joey any more?

*smack, smack*

What am I saying?? Marry me Joey! I LOOOOOOVE YOOOOOUUUU!

I think it's the fact that all the fans were old ladies wearing mom jeans. I just don't want me to be lumped into that group of hags trying to recapture their youth... icky.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

nuh uh.. not me

I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more makeup for a while, and I'm not going to! But this is such a good deal I couldn't resist passing it on to my girls!

Look at what you'll be saving at Stila! Don't forget to use the code LOOK to get free shipping too.


I had a brief conversation with my hunny bunny about shopping the other day. Here's the gist.

LRB: I want to go shopping.
HB: What do you need to get?
LRB: Nothing...
HB: Then why do you need to go shopping?
LRB: I don't know... So I can see if there's anything I want?
HB: Well, why don't you figure out what you want before you go and then just go buy that?
LRB: I don't go shopping because I know what I want. I go shopping to be inspired and hopefully to find something new!
HB: So you're saying you really don't need anything...
LRB: UGH! If I don't go shopping, then how will I know what I need? What's the point of shopping if I already know what I want?

SHEESH! Party pooper.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

have you heard?

I signed up for the DiorDiva VIP last year. (I know! I totally forgot about it until my recent Dior cosmetics shopping spree!)

All you have to do is save your receipts whenever you purchase Dior cosmetics. Each dollar you spend equals one point and you can earn free samples, or even full size products! I'm sending in my receipts right now because I have 100 points. In 6-8 weeks, I'll be getting a bunch of deluxe samples! It'll be like Christmas in July!

late in the game

I've decided that I can finally look for a belt. I know, I know. I'm about two years late but I always felt that because I don't have much of a defined waist I should wear clothing that kinda covers my midsection rather than actually finding my waist.

So now it's gotten through my thick skull (and I don't want to hear any wisecracks about the size of my head!) that I should wear a belt over all those flowy, loose tops. But I don't know where to start!

Here are a few that I've been looking at. The blue belt is a Cynthia Rowley one at Nordstrom. I'd probably want it in black. The other two belts are from the Gap. I don't know what I want! Skinny? Wide? What color should I get? Do you have a favorite belt? I don't know where to begin.

I kinda like those skinny belts that wrap around a couple times too - like this one by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent. I should probably go and try some belts on!

Shopping is hard.

Monday, May 12, 2008

fat floats

I'm starting my intermediate adult swimming lessons today. I'm a little bit nervous. I always get nervous when I'm in the pool. I suppose that's why I'm taking lessons! Anyway, I bought a swim cap this time. My lessons are twice a week and I really don't want the chlorine wreaking havoc on my hair.

My beginner's class was pretty lame. I took lessons when I was a kid so I kinda know the basics, I just need help with side breathing. The other students in the class had no idea what they were doing. Luckily, the instructor was keen enough to give me some simple instructions to practice on my own while the geezers were learning how to blow bubbles. Seriously. That's what they were doing.

I hope I have a different instructor this time too. He was really nice but distracting at the same time - very cute. I knew he was young, but I didn't realize just how young. But during the second to last class, he told us that he wouldn't make it to the last class because of a test. I thought that maybe he had an exam or something in college.. Oh how wrong I was!

He was taking the SATs! Holy crap! I'm such a cougar! I thought he was at least 20 or so, but nope. He was probably only 17. *sigh*

If he asked me to his prom, I'd probably go. Hahahaha! I joke, I joke! Sorta.

Wish me luck so I don't drown!


I returned the Tory Burch sandals. After walking around my house with them on, they really weren't comfortable at all. The leather is really hard and I can just imagine the blisters I'd get on the tops of my feet after a long day.

Instead, I picked up these UGGs in black.

They're cuter on my feet than in the photo. Looks kinda granola-y, but with my coral color toes and a fun dress, I'm set for summer! They were also $100 cheaper than the Tory Burch.

Can you tell I was a very bad girl this weekend? I made a quick stop to Forever 21 too! I just bought a couple basic tanks.. And this scandalous cami/short jumpsuit! I couldn't find a pic of it online but you can imagine. It's black with multi-colored stripes and would probably look more appropriate on a 6-year-old. But I don't care! It was cute and comfy and I promise I won't wear it out of doors! I don't want to shame the family (again).

about face

Once again, I've been hypnotized by a gay man - this time, he was a not-particularly-attractive, tubby redhead. But he was selling makeup! And as I've said before, if a gay is selling, LRB is buying!

Here's how it went down:

My cousin and I had appointments at Sephora for their Too Faced anniversary event. (There in lies my problem... Actually booking an appointment with a gay man! I should just give him my money.) Anyway, it included a boxed breakfast and a makeover with Too Faced products. I swear, in 20 minutes, my whole face was transformed and I was glowing! My skin looked amazing and the brushes he used were fabulous!

The Magic Wand Illuminating Foundation is so smooth and sheer on my skin. It blended away any discoloration and just disappeared into my skin. I couldn't believe how even and smooth my face looked and felt. It didn't even feel like I was wearing any makeup. I don't always wear foundation, but some days, when I feel exceptionally heinous, I'll put some on and voila! Beauty from a beast! No wonder it's called magic.

I'm usually a MAC brush girl and was actually about to pick up a few new brushes. But when this gay man applied all the shadows and bronzer and blush, I had to ask about the brushes he was using. They were unbelievably soft on my skin - not to mention cute! To my surprise, all the brushes are synthetic thus animal cruelty-free!
I also picked up the bronzer kit that included the fab kabuki brush. I really meant to just get the brush, but when he said it was a better deal to get the set, my ears perked up. The set was $39.50 which included the full size bronzer (I got it in Sun Bunny) and a mini mascara. The brush by itself is $29.50 so for $10 more I'd get the other two items.

I'm not usually crazy about bronzer either. I like looking tanned but I hate how a lot of bronzers are so shimmery. Sun Bunny only has a hint of shimmer in it so I don't look like a tranny. Yay!

I wanted to pick up a bottle of Lash Injection Antidote gel-based makeup remover too, but got caught up in the frenzy and forgot about it. We tested it on some eyeliner and it took every bit of color off the skin sans any pulling and tugging. I may need to stop at Sephora some time this week since I do have that new Dior eyeliner that I've been wearing that's left me with some hard to remove raccoon eyes.

*sigh* It was barely 9:30 am and I'd already spent some cheese.

No thanks to Karen!

Friday, May 9, 2008

caught up

I always get caught up in the frenzy of shopping whenever there's a crowd. I was at the Nordstrom event last night (10 points!) and while I wasn't as lucky as Miss TamPham, I still went a little crazy.

As soon as I arrived, I ran into my devilish cousin who knows how I'm a sucker for anything free. She immediately tells me about all the cosmetics lines with gifts with purchase! I hurry over to to the Dior counter and find that with the purchase of two items, I get this little carrying case with a mini eyeshadow palette, face wash and a mini DiorShow Black Out mascara. SOLD!

I picked up a full size of the mascara and also the Dior Waterproof eye liner. I'm always on the hunt for a liner that I can use on my waterline without having it run down my face within a couple hours - my goal is to look like one of the Kardashian sisters with the black rimmed eyes. *wink*

I thought I was done, but nooooo.. That damn little cousin of mine comes traipsing over with her little bag of goodies, this time from Clarins! Buy two items and get two deluxe samples! I've never even used Clarins, but the size of those freebies sucked me in and next thing you know, I'm clambering through the crowds with a friend buying random products! I'd post pictures, except I seriously don't remember what I bought. Oh the shame.. But I'm sure, whatever magical potion I bought, I'll love since they totally tested it on my hands. Errr... Riiiight.

I hadn't even made it up to the second floor to look at clothes! I didn't find anything really. I think I was already feeling a bit of buyer's remorse. Gawd, I wasn't even drunk.

But hark! Who goes there?! Tory Burch? How cute are these thong sandals? I had to have them! But now I don't know. They're not particularly comfortable. Maybe I should return them and finally get those Phillip Lim Birks once and for all.

No thanks to Karen!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This is a hilarious spoof of The Hills! I love it!

reusable bags

Does that not refer to handbags? Because I reuse mine all the time! Yep. I'm saving the planet.

This Marc Jacobs Parker tote is adorable! I love that color! It would go great with those grey boots I just ordered, which by the way, should be at my door step as I type. It's not as expensive as all the other bags out there, but it's still $1250 at Barneys.

This little color block clutch is really cute too. I love the contrasting colors and it's only $695! What a bargain!

I can sense a disturbance in the force. Barneys sale is starting soon...


Get 20% off purchases of $75 or more (easily done!) by using the code BILLION during checkout at Kiehl's. Or just print out the coupon and take it to a free standing store!

It's good through May 15.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

daddy's girl

It's nice to have a dad with a jewelry shop. I get to borrow pieces to wear all the time! And while mom never lets me have stuff for free (I put it on layaway! hahaha!), daddy does! Of course, I don't get to have anything too fancy -just "trinkets" as my dad likes to call them.

Anyway, several years back my dad made a small three stone diamond ring for me - I think it was about .5 ct total weight. I never really wore it because I didn't like the style. I thought the setting was too bulky. Cut to Saturday, I woke up thinking that I needed something new on my finger. I brought that ring in to daddy and asked if I could have it reset. I wanted it in rose gold (my new fave!) with a bezel around each stone.

It's sooo much cuter now! You can see the stones much better and I love it!

But the best part was when my dad asked if I wanted to pay for it, I said "No." HAHAHAHA!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Holy crap! I know you totally watched Gossip Girl right?? It wasn't even about the clothes this episode!

Blair's effing hilarious for calling Jenny the new Katie Holmes. And who couldn't tell that it'd be Serena's brother who turned out to be gay. They always pick the one whom they can easily write out just in case the fans don't dig it. D'oh!

The most jaw dropping revelation though was Serena! Eeps! Dun-dun-DUUUNNN!!!

Anyway, did you know that Chuck has a British accent in real life?! Did his stock go up or what? He's like hot all of a sudden. Yellow clown pants and all! I heart euro-trash!

row row row your boat

The new GO International line at Target debuts in just a couple more weeks with designer duds by Rogan! I guess some lucky folks in LA and NYC get to preview and purchase it at Barneys. Booo!

Anyway, I don't know why the pix turn out all Smurfy when I post them here so to check out what the line looks like visit Target.

choose or lose

I bought this Nanette Lepore dress at the Rack yesterday. I can't decide if I should keep it! It was originally $250, but marked down to $65.

It's a really bright, cobalt blue chiffon with a matching slip underneath. I really like it, but will I wear it? Is it too dressy to wear to work? I suppose I could wear it with some legging and flats to make it more casual. And it could be one of those dresses I wear on fat days. Hahah!

What do you think? Cast your vote on my poll on the right hand column or post a comment. I have a lot of dresses and feel totally guilty with another one.

HB says I should keep it, but what does he know? He's a guy who bought some rastafarian board shorts for our trip to Mexico. Yikes. A Tribe Called Quest, anyone?

Friday, May 2, 2008

it's been a slow week..

So you know how that new hag compliments me all the time? She's been working overtime this week and telling me that I should be a model because I have so much cute clothes.

Clothes do not make a model. A model makes the clothes.. No wait. Small children in third world countries with violent dictators make the clothes.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm confusing myself.

I better go shopping. I called Barney's earlier to check the balance on my gift card. It's at $63! Woohoo! That'll pay for the tax of whatever I'm buying. And you know I'm buying.

Anyway, the hag isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. She asked to borrow my phone list the other day but she still couldn't find what she was looking for. I asked her whom she was trying to reach and she said the reception desk. I was like, "Umm.. Don't you just dial '0'?"

And then she felt stupid. As well she should!

Gawd, I'm such a bitch.