Thursday, May 22, 2008

memory lane

HB and I are heading back to his hometown for Memorial Weekend. I'm kinda dreading it. It's not that I mind hanging out with his parents or even the five hour drive - in fact, I quite enjoy the ride.. It's the sheer boredom of being in SPOKANE. Sure, it's like the third largest city in Washington State. But if you think about it, Seattle isn't really that big so if Spokane is the third... Well, you do the math.

(For the record, I was a bit perturbed that when HB's parents offered to come out here instead, HB told them not to as he wanted to go back there! WTH?! I could've stayed in civilization? Bah!)

Anyway, we head back east (oh how I wish I meant the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard or just anywhere fabulous) a couple times a year and I've learned the importance of planning activities. The first couple times, we basically visited all the malls (shopping in Spokane is rather uninspiring), watched movies and ate at Carl's Jr. (one of the highlights of each trip! Mmmm.. Big Star - with nothing but meat and cheese.) Now I find parks or wineries - pretty much anything - that might be interesting. I also try to think of movies we want to watch. Thank goodness for iPhones! His parents don't have internet, or cable for that matter!

This time, I think I might want to continue the drive and head into Idaho and check out Coeur d'Alene. I hear it's quite lovely there. I also have a list of other wineries around town. And Indiana Jones will be playing too. And I do want to make a stop at Nordstrom, AE and Aveda. And of course Carl's Jr. And we're coming home early on Monday.

I will survive.

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mizleilei said...

Don't forget to visit Sonic! The Cherry Limeades are AWESOME!