Thursday, June 26, 2008

blow this popsicle joint

I'm nearly completely packed for the trip to Cabo. I have a few more items to figure out. I've decided not to bring my new Jimmy Choo bag even though I'm dying to have it slung on my arm for the next several days. Absense makes the heart grow fonder holds true for bags right?

Instead, I'm going to bring my tropically-inspired Louis Vuitton Soufflot bag. I've had this bag for probably 5 years now and it's still fun and classic! Isn't she pretty? I use it whenever I need a splash of color and who doesn't need more color in Mexico?

Maybe people will only see the brightness of the orange bag and won't notice the purple of my ankle. Yes, my previously fat ankle has turned into a black and blue mess of a thing. Did you just throw up a little bit in your mouth? I'm sorry.

I just needed to advertise the abuse that I've been suffering at the hands of Hunny Bunny.

Still so many things to do! I gotta go get a pedicure tonight and re-evaluate the clothes that I'm taking. I think I've over packed although since everything is thin and/or small, my carry-on is still partially empty. Should I bring more clothes??

Hasta luego, bitches! Will be taking lots of pictures and not thinking of you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

by request

This is more info about the texture perm. I read about it in DailyCandy. Miss Loosy, you'll have to call them! Not sure if you'll get turned down. Good luck! My first appointment is in a few weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out.

There were moments during adolescence in which you felt like you were plummeting from the ugly tree — and hitting every branch on the way down. Braces (ow). Baby fat (oof). That poodle-perm (yeesh).

So you’ll be understandably skeptical of the digital perm, a hot new Japanese treatment at the U-District’s Ten Pachi salon. That is, until you see the totally grown-up curls it creates.

The digital perm uses chemicals similar to those used in Japanese straightening treatments to give you big, bouncy waves. Hair is wrapped around large, electric rods which are connected to a Weird Science-like machine via cables then heated.

The end result is gorgeous, shiny, hot roller-like waves that are bound to turn a few heads.

Brace yourself.

Ten Pachi Modern Salon + Store, 5611 University Way Northeast (206-985-1010 or

PS: Miss D - I totally don't have stick straight hair - I have this weird frizzy, wavy thing going on! My mum often wonders if I'm really Asian.

i confess

Okay, so I didn't merely look at the Jimmy Choo Malena bag during the pre-sale at Nordstrom.. I actually bought it. There you have it. I've laid it out on the table.

I can't lie to you. And I'm sorry for trying. I swear I was going to tell you as soon as I got home from Mexico! I just needed to clear my head and make sure I was doing the right thing! I'm still in denial about the whole thing.

Oh who am I kidding?? The bag is flippin' gorgeous.

During the pre-sale, while I was admiring the bag, this British woman said I had to buy the bag because I would totally regret not snapping it up. But the next day, when I went to pick it up, the sales gal told me that as soon as I left, that woman asked if I bought the bag! She wanted to steal it from me! What a scavenger.

Apparently while I was distracted by JC (and I don't mean Chasez or Jesus), the woman was totally scoping out what other people were looking at. Whenever someone picked something up, she would swoop in and try to steal it from them! Tsk tsk. Obviously she does not know the rules of shopping.

And I'm not sure if the sales gal was just trying to butter me up into keeping the bag, but she said that tons of people were calling about the Malena because it was still in their "system". Too late!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fat floats II

I just started the second session of my adult swim lessons. Apparently, I did not learn to swim in the last session.

Actually, I'm okay. I'm just not sure I'm ready to jump into the ocean without my floaties! Besides, I could use some regularly scheduled exercise in my life. No excuses for not going, right?

Last session, I was stuck in a class with all men - weird, unsociable, hairy, Speedo-clad men. I guess I learned a lot more then, since there were no *ahem* distractions. I was surprised to find that this session is for the ladies! I already found a new bestie! She's the only one who chats and I helped her put her swim cap on. (Can't go damaging my hair, especially since I plan on trying one of TenPachi's texture perms next month!)

Anyhoo, there's this one girl in the class.. She's kinda umm.. big..ish.. And not a very strong swimmer. And partially blind.. So we were taking turns doing the back stroke down the pool. She went first. Then me. I guess I caught up to her because next thing you know I'm practically knocked out by what I thought were the buoys between the lanes. Alas, they were big boobs that I slammed into! Hello!? Stay in your lane! And by all means, please don't stop in the middle of a lap!

Honestly, that was a little too up-close-and-personal. Seriously.


Monday, June 23, 2008

practically stealing!

Designer bags are going to be 60% off starting tomorrow at Nordstrom. They're doing presales right now! Go, go, GOOOOO!

I was looking at this lovely Jimmy Choo Malena bag that I hadn't seen on sale before (and I check weekly!) and commented about it to the sales gal and she was like, "Oh we have a ton of different bags just sitting in the back."

Don't you think it's kinda unheard of to find a black leather bag on sale for 60% off? Hello, McFly? When was the last time you found a decently sized bag for under $1K?

Anyway, I surmised that they're trying make it seem like there's only a small selection of bags left over so there's more of a frenzy. But in fact, they just keep replenishing from the back! I'm on to you Uncle Nordies! Watch out!

Hmmm.. Maybe it's just the Seattle store where there aren't as many designer bag hoarders like me around!

free sneakers!

Okay, not really free. I had $60 in Nordstrom Notes and I went to the Rack and bought some Nike Air 360.

Gawd, I'm kinda disappointed in myself! I feel like I should have saved them for a special occassion. But the shoes were only $60 and amazingly comfortable. I need to start running again.

Why have I been so pragmatic of late? I didn't even buy anything during my trip to F21 yesterday. Lame. Am I losing my shopping touch?

*smack, smack*

What am I saying? That's crazy talk. Just for that, I'm going to order everything that's already in my shopping cart. So there!


I couldn't wait any longer for Nordies to call me about the arrival of the Chanel polishes! So I did what any sensible girl who's heading to Cabo in four days and needs a beachy, sun-inspired polish - I bought a knock off, of course!

I mean, is it really a knock off when it's nail polish? Are other companies not allowed to have the same color? In any case, I picked up Essie's yellow short shorts nail color.

Now I just need to find time to get my toes done!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

rascally rabbit!

Hunny Bunny and I went to play a quick 9-holes yesterday. It was a bit crowded though and we were the last in line. By the time we reached hole-3, we realized what a traffic jam there was and decided just to mess around back at holes 1 and 2 until it was our turn.

I started practicing my putting at the first hole - minding my own beeswax. Next thing you know, I hear HB saying "Oooh!"

Not "Fore!"

Not "Heads up!"

Nope. When I look up, I see his ball come flying in my direction. I tried to hop out of the way but alas, Mr. Ball - meet Miss Ankle.

OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Followed by massive amounts of effs and esses and a quickly swelling ankle. So our short set was even shorter. I could barely walk to the car and HB could barely contain his laughter.

"My eyes are watering because of allergies! I swear!" Likely story. Those are more like tears from stifling the giggles. STOP EFFING LAUGHING.

Just what I need. A fat ankle a week before our trip to Mexico. Grassy-ass indeed!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I deserve a round of applause. *clap clap clap*

One of my fave boutiques started their Spring/Summer sale yesterday and they had two racks of clothes marked down to $50 - pretty much 90-95% off! That's crazy right?

I tried on a few dresses and a leopard print blazer (I know, I know. Leopard? It was so cheap, I had to at least try it on!) In the end, I didn't buy anything. I would've been buying it soley because it was cheap and not because I was crazy about it.

Gawd, when did I become so rational? Probably because I still haven't bought the silver-y cream 3.1 Phillip Lim dress that I've been drooling over.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

good deed

Do you ever want to donate your time and give someone in need a makeover? I don't know what it is.. There's this girl I work with whom I really want to shove in front of a 3-way mirror and say "Snap out of it! It doesn't work!"

Don't get me wrong, there are so many more tragically dressed people at the office but for some reason, my heart reaches out to her the most. I can't really put my finger on it.. I think maybe her taste level is just a little screwy - she's on the verge of being a fashionista but somehow isn't pulling it off.

Take for example a few weeks ago when we had a really warm day. She wore a bright red wife-beater tank, a red plaid mini skirt and sky-high patent leather heels. To work. Can we say trashy? She has an amazing body too. Too bad she dresses like a stripper.

Today, she's wearing a taupe colored top with dolman sleeves and a deep, deep V. Yikes. She paired it with too-tight taupe colored pants that are just a few inches too short for her to be wearing such high heels. *sigh*

Am I just being a snob?

Monday, June 16, 2008

new man in my life

It's offical. HB and I are over. Phillip Lim and I have decided to elope! Dum dum da dum!

That would be my dream come true! Well, at least my dream wardrobe! Does Phillip Lim even swing this way? Oh well. I guess Hunny Bunny still has a little place in my cold, cold heart.

On my way back from lunch, Karen and I passed by Mario's and saw that their sale is at 60% off! We had to take a peek!

I saw this glorious dress for only $190! I need to go back and try it on..


Hunny Bunny has taken to calling me Baby-Girl of late. I can't stand it! I find it completely misogynistic. Am I some hip hop video vixen? I think not. You won't catch me writhing on the floor with Young Jeezy.

Anyway, pay back's a bitch and so am I.

So every time he calls me Baby-Girl, I call him Lady-Boy! That oughta teach him a lesson.

enough about you.. let's get back to me!

HB's bday weekened is finally over and I can finally be back to my normal self-absorbed self and start thinking about my bday in October. It's never too early to start hinting at what I want! *wink*

Dinner was fabulous! Props to Miss TamPham for the tip about telling the folks at The Capital Grille that it was a bday celebration! We got a free slice of the most decadent flourless chocolate cake! Yum!

But that wasn't even the best part!

I got multiple compliments on my new F21 dress from complete strangers - and stranger-compliments are the best because unlike your friends who have to tell you you look cute, strangers can totally ignore you. So if you look good enough for them to say something, then you're probably doing something right! Don't you agree? I looked hot sashaying to the ladies' room.

Friday, June 13, 2008

family circus

As you all know, it was HB's birthday yesterday and at his behest, we had dinner at Benihana. I'm definitely not opposed to dinner and show - and what a show we got! Forget about Kaz and his knife/spatula wielding skills.. I'm talking about the family of six with whom we shared a table. Let me introduce them.

There was Momma who seemed doting and probably spoils her kids. There was an 11-year-old Jonah Hill-mini me, curly hair and all. Seemed like a happy kid who thought the onion-train was the best thing EVER! Next to him was baby sister age 9 - also quite happy and pleasant.

Papa was next. He looked like a hands-off dad e.g. "Let Momma handle everything, I'm just gonna pay for stuff." He's followed by Gramma who's starting to get a little looney.

Finally, we arrive at the last family member - the one who just doesn't quite fit in. Yep. A 15-year old, angry, pimply, black hoodie clad, 125lbs ball of sheer awkwardness. You know the one - in fact, you may have even been that kid.

HB and I were laughing the entire time. "Angsty" was all sorts of uncomfortable. Apparently he was having a friend over at 7:30 pm and he really wanted dinner to be over. Momma and Papa were in no hurry and the other two happy kids wanted to get ice cream. Oh lord. "But Mo-ooom!" You know it's bad when a one-syllable word turns into two-syllables.

Then there's good ol' Gramma in her own little world. You know how they give you a couple dipping sauces? Well, she poured both of her onto her small bowl of fried rice.. And then she took Angsty's two sauces and dumped those on too! Oh it was a glorious sight watching her eat her soupy, saucy rice.

When everyone got their ice cream, Angsty just stormed out and sat in the lobby -seething and grinding his angsty teeth. Momma just smiled and was like "Ok! We'll pack up your leftovers and meet you out there!"

Maybe it was just funny to us. Anyway, our dinner was nothing to write home about but now we have The Capital Grille to look forward to tomorrow! Yay!

And hunny bunny was really happy about the "Perfect Pushups". He was even more happy to realize that I used a gift bag with a pretty wedding cake on it. Hint, hint. AHEM!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

let's wait awhile

Remember that Janet song? Love it..

Anyway, I'm sooooo glad I waited on buying the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress that was on sale for 50% off at Ron Herman. I know that their sales are progressive so I decided to wait it out.

And good thing I did! It just went down to 65% off! Yippeee! (Too bad it wasn't free shipping too! $12! Yikes.) I only hope I got the right size because it's a final sale. Damn these buff arms!

*pant, pant* I'm so excited right now! I could just burst!


Did you get Nordstrom's email with the hot new Burberry shoes?

OMG. Who knew that Burberry could bring the sexy back?

I'll have to get a pair - in six months when they go on sale! Check out the rest of the line here.

I'm seriously loving the patent booties and the grey peep toes. Yum!

LRB hearts discounts!

Get an extra 20% off sale items at ShopJake by using the code extra20.

Save 20% everything at SkinWest by using the code jc4xk2nd. Stock up on skincare!

UPDATE: Save 20% off your purchase of $50 or more at any free standing Kiehl's shop with this coupon or order online and use the code SFBABES. Good through Friday, June 13.

m-m-m-maniac for mac!

Unless you have a Pro-card, most of us can never get a break at MAC Cosmetics.. But now's your chance! It's Friends & Family time at stand-alone MAC stores. Save 15% when you use this coupon! It's valid between June 11-June 16.

If there isn't a stand-alone store near you, the online store will have the sale on June 16 only. I don't have a coupon code yet, but I'll post it as soon as it's available!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

you ain't cuz you not

This is what HB has requested for his bday. He wants it wrapped too!

Dude... It's one of those As Seen On TV things. It's available at Walgreens for $20 so guess I should go get it. Simple enough.

I wonder if it even works. It looks kinda lame.

Maybe I should pick up a PedEgg for TamPham while I'm there too. *laughs*

Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm such a bad gf. Hunny Bunny's bday is on Thursday and I have yet to buy him anything. In fact, I told him I'm not buying him anything. I've made dinner reservations for a couple of nights - Benihana for his actual bday because he's always wanted to go there and The Capital Grille for Saturday night because who doesn't like to have a bday steak dinner?

I said that he's getting food as his gift. But that's totally selfish because I get food too! He says he doesn't care but I know I always like have gifts to open. Boo.

Any last minute suggestions? Maybe I should get him a stripper. Hahaha. Or a clown. I'm scared of clowns.

But at least I'm really excited about wearing my new F21 dress on Saturday! Gawd! I am sooooo selfish. Me me me!

she's got legs

I want to get some new leggings. I'm kinda interested in the Kova & T oxy leggings. Then again, I'm not a movie/rock star so they'll probably look ridiculous on me - not to mention the fact that they're $120! Holy crap! But that hasn't kept me from looking at them constantly. I'm also not sure how I like the whole stirrup factor. I just really like the semi-shiny look. What do you think?

Splendid at ShopStyle

An alternative (read: cheaper) could possibly be the American Apparel version. I think they're around $40. I want to go take a look at them in person before I decide. I don't want it to look too disco-y, ya know?

Then there's always the tried and true Splendid version. But that's so boring! But I do like the navy ones... Would I really wear navy though? Might be cute with my grey boots. Hmm. So many things to think about!

What's a girl to do?

UPDATE: I went to American Apparel when they opened and bought a pair of slightly shiny leggings. I tried their "eel" ones and they look like plastic on me. I'm not cool enough for those.


Shoes and bags, of course! Just got wind of the next designers partnering with Target this Fall. Anya Hindmarch will be doing a handbag collection and Sigerson Morrison will be doing a footwear collection.

They lines willbe available from Oct. 12, 2008 - Dec. 26, 2008.

I do like Sigerson Morrison shoes, but who knows how well it will do at Target. I can't wear shoes that aren't cloth or leather. PVC/synthetic materials just aren't that comfy. But maybe the line will be so cute that I'll succumb.

Gawd, I'm such a hyper-consumer. The U.S. Goverment should be thanking me for single-handedly keeping the economy going. Hmm. Not a busy morning here, maybe I should shop.

Thanks Nicole!

Friday, June 6, 2008

he ruins everything

I had an hour and a half massage appointment last night with my new favorite guy. (Usually I only like female massage therapists, but this guy is so good that I can look past his hairy arms..) As I was waiting for my appointment, I played Cooking Mama on my Nintendo DS.

Anyway, as soon as I get on the table, he asked me what game I was playing. Next thing you know, the conversation turns into him telling me all about World of Warcraft and Ever Quest and all those other MMO games. I don't even know what "MMO" means! This is partially my fault because in an effort to be polite, I mentioned that my HB also enjoys playing War-nerds, ahem, Warcraft. So then he delves into the beginning of it all.. Dungeons and Dragons.. Magic..

Doesn't he know that I like complete SILENCE during my rub downs? I don't want to know about how he played Ever Quest for 72 hours straight with only sporadic 5 minute bathroom breaks. I also don't want to know that "elves" are the hottest avatars and that if you get new armor, you have to strip your elf to put it on and the the girl elves have skimpy underclothes and you make make her dance around half naked.

I mean really... Did I really need to know that if you need help in battle, you can choose "speak" and only the players nearby can hear you, but if you choose "shout" the radius is larger? And that you can befriend people online and form groups so you can battle as a team called a guild?? Apparently, hunny bunny is part of a guild. While we were in Spokane, I caught him checking his iPhone constantly. When I asked him what he was looking at, he said he was checking on his guild. I'm like "What? I didn't know you were in a union.."

HB 'fessed up to belonging to a fake guild on W-o-W!

"W-T-F" is more like it!

Did you know that you can actually BUY weapons and gold from other gamers? Yes. Apparently it's some underground industry where people can sell their imaginary pillage and sell it for real money ~ as in cheddah, benjamins, dolla-dolla-bills-y'all! Word on the street, it's quite the industry in China. They have sweatshops of gamers playing and selling their plunder to people who are too lazy to actual earn those rewards.

I blame HB for all of this. He ruined my perfectly silent relationship with my massage therapist. If HB wasn't such a nerd, this conversation would never have escalated into 90 minutes of geek-speak! I'll have to find another silent therapist with magical hands. I can never go back to him for fear that he'll want to continue our conversation. *shudder*


I decided that since there is no sun to be had here, I would have to fake it. I figured that maybe if I looked like I got some sun, I wouldn't feel so depressed about the rain. For Pete's sake! It's JUNE! Not JUNE-uarary!

Actually the tan isn't too bad. I succumbed to peer pressure and bought Clarins' Delicious self tanner - and by "peer pressure" I really mean there was a free gift and I heart free gifts! Anyway, I'm not really good at applying self tanner. I've had too many moments of dirty looking ankles to venture beyond Dove's gradual tanning lotion. But after hearing rave reviews about the ease of use, I decided now was the time to try it.

Per the instructions, I exfoliated really well and then slathered on the caramel ice cream topping (that's what it looks like!) It smelled pretty good too - not that weird almost-burnt smell of most self-tanners. And it really was easy! I blended and blended until there were no more visible streaks and then I crossed my fingers.

It looks pretty darn good, minus my slightly tinted palms. Totally my fault for not washing meticulously afterwards! All in all, the results were copacetic.

Exactly three more weeks until I get my real tan in Cabo!

by request

I finally took a picture of the dress I got from Forever 21. Obviously, my photography skills are a bit lacking, but you get the idea.

The skirt is a little bit greener than in the photo and I just love the contrast with the grey. The dress also has slit pockets too.

I need to wear it! Damn this rainy weather! I have so much warm weather clothes but I still can't wear it. GARRRRRRR.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

special delivery!

Okay, so I was kinda being shady because I didn't write about the stuff that I ordered from F21 last week. Partly, I wanted to see if it was cute first cos it would be pointless to blog about something that turned out to be lame.Lo and behold! I loved it all!

The little yellow rain coat is perfect for the weather we've been having - and it looks great with my blue pants today.

The grosgrain top fits perfectly and I think I'll pair it with some leggings or skinny jeans (as soon as I pick them up from my alterations lady - and no, she did not tell me I am fat this time). I'm usually not a fan of any sort of bedazzling, but the little stones on this top are just subtle enough that I don't mind them.

The best is yet to come! I also got this amazing little dress! (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a pic and didn't have the foresight to take a pic of it myself!) Here's a description though: Sleeveless hybrid knit and woven mini dress with rib knit bodice and gathered satin skirt with matching drawstring at the waist.

It's basically a grey wife-beater tank with a yellowish-green skirt attached to it. It's adorable! It's from the Twelve by Twelve line at F21.

More clothes for Mexico! At last count, I have about 8 outfits for my 4 day trip.

Methinks I will need to shop online at F21 some more - in general! Sheesh. Not today. Well, maybe.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

not my fault

Everytime my friend comes home (she works in Japan) for a visit, she makes me want to shop and buy fancy things that I can't afford. It's not her fault. It's all me. I covet everything she has! I told her that if she ever has a garage sale, to please put me at the top of her list.

Since she's not having a blowout sale anytime soon, I decided to do a little online window shopping. I really love the color of that 3.1 Phillip Lim dress.. And I do love the Jimmy Choo Mahala bag. They're both on sale.. I'm waiting for them to get marked down once more. *wink*

Kenneth Cole at ShopStyle

But you'll be so proud to know that I did not buy the Zac Posen dress I found at the Rack yesterday. It's gorgeous, but do I need it? No. Even though it was orig. $1675, marked down to $449 with an additional 40% off! Wait a minute. Maybe I should get it! Dammit. I may have just talked myself into it.



I think I'll hold out for the Phillip Lim dress. It's more my style. hohum...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

nothing but a number

My very best friend gave birth to her second child yesterday. He's so freakin' cute! My friend also has a pre-teen daughter.

I was in the delivery room along with her hubby. I know, brave right? Surprisingly, I wasn't completely traumatized by the whole process. Then again, I kept my eyes averted at all times - north of the equator!

Anyway, I guess my bff talked to the nurse about her daughter because when I arrived, the nurse asked if I was the daughter! HAHAHAHAAHA! I know I look young, but I don't look like an almost-13 year old! I think my friend was slightly offended, especially since I'm a tad older than her.

i need steak

Whenever I'm PMSing, I totally crave steak. I also get seriously grumpy. And the only way to aleviate the grump is shopping. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)

My brother's friend Saki just opened up a cute little boutique on 1st and Columbia, in Downtown Seattle, called Shaula. They specialize in affordable (most items I saw were under $100) Japanese designers. I found tons of adorable tunic tops - both romantic and edgy styles. I hope Saki decides to throw a grand opening soiree. I think her clothes would appeal to a lot of the local fashionistas in search of unique, nearly-one-of-a-kind clothing. (She stocks only 2-3 pieces of any one item and gets new shipments weekly!)

The biggest drawback of the merchandise is that most of it is tailored towards skinny girls and only come in one size. If you've got big arms, girl, you might not want to try that top on. Ouch!

I did pick up this cute, drapey vest though. My photo really doesn't do it justice. It's kinda boho and elegant at the same time. The vest came with a small pin to fasten it in different styles. But I have this floral pin that got at a St. John fashion show a little while ago that I think I'll use instead.

Yes, I know. St. John?? It was a benefit fashion show hosted by Nordstrom. A reporter friend of mine invited me and I couldn't say no! Anyway, the flower pin is quite cute and really, attending any fashion show is always fun!

After Shaula, my apetite for shopping was not yet satiated. I ended up going to a boutique near my house and finding a couple clearance items that I don't feel guilty for buying! They were both 85% off.. I practically got them for free!

I love how comfy this striped top is by Les Chemins Blanc. I love anything French!

I also picked up this great top by Samantha Treacy. It'll be perfect for Mexico in three weeks! (I keep using Mexico as an excuse to buy stuff even though we're only going to be there for a few days. I don't think I'll be able to wear all the stuff I've been alotting for the trip! D'oh!)