Friday, June 13, 2008

family circus

As you all know, it was HB's birthday yesterday and at his behest, we had dinner at Benihana. I'm definitely not opposed to dinner and show - and what a show we got! Forget about Kaz and his knife/spatula wielding skills.. I'm talking about the family of six with whom we shared a table. Let me introduce them.

There was Momma who seemed doting and probably spoils her kids. There was an 11-year-old Jonah Hill-mini me, curly hair and all. Seemed like a happy kid who thought the onion-train was the best thing EVER! Next to him was baby sister age 9 - also quite happy and pleasant.

Papa was next. He looked like a hands-off dad e.g. "Let Momma handle everything, I'm just gonna pay for stuff." He's followed by Gramma who's starting to get a little looney.

Finally, we arrive at the last family member - the one who just doesn't quite fit in. Yep. A 15-year old, angry, pimply, black hoodie clad, 125lbs ball of sheer awkwardness. You know the one - in fact, you may have even been that kid.

HB and I were laughing the entire time. "Angsty" was all sorts of uncomfortable. Apparently he was having a friend over at 7:30 pm and he really wanted dinner to be over. Momma and Papa were in no hurry and the other two happy kids wanted to get ice cream. Oh lord. "But Mo-ooom!" You know it's bad when a one-syllable word turns into two-syllables.

Then there's good ol' Gramma in her own little world. You know how they give you a couple dipping sauces? Well, she poured both of her onto her small bowl of fried rice.. And then she took Angsty's two sauces and dumped those on too! Oh it was a glorious sight watching her eat her soupy, saucy rice.

When everyone got their ice cream, Angsty just stormed out and sat in the lobby -seething and grinding his angsty teeth. Momma just smiled and was like "Ok! We'll pack up your leftovers and meet you out there!"

Maybe it was just funny to us. Anyway, our dinner was nothing to write home about but now we have The Capital Grille to look forward to tomorrow! Yay!

And hunny bunny was really happy about the "Perfect Pushups". He was even more happy to realize that I used a gift bag with a pretty wedding cake on it. Hint, hint. AHEM!

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Hapalicious said...

OMG, the Perfect Pushup! Did you get it at Costco? LOL