Monday, June 16, 2008

enough about you.. let's get back to me!

HB's bday weekened is finally over and I can finally be back to my normal self-absorbed self and start thinking about my bday in October. It's never too early to start hinting at what I want! *wink*

Dinner was fabulous! Props to Miss TamPham for the tip about telling the folks at The Capital Grille that it was a bday celebration! We got a free slice of the most decadent flourless chocolate cake! Yum!

But that wasn't even the best part!

I got multiple compliments on my new F21 dress from complete strangers - and stranger-compliments are the best because unlike your friends who have to tell you you look cute, strangers can totally ignore you. So if you look good enough for them to say something, then you're probably doing something right! Don't you agree? I looked hot sashaying to the ladies' room.

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Tam Pham said...

yum....Capital Grille is THE best. so glad you took my tip! i knew you would thank me for it later!