Wednesday, September 30, 2009

nice and naughty

My darling bridesmaids threw me the most wonderful bridal shower ever! All of my friends, aunties, ang cousins came. Even gramma showed up - though she was antsy to leave because she wanted to go play poker!

I couldn't ask for anything better.

There were peach and raspberry bellinis! Yum! Limoncello! Yum!

Mini sandwiches! Yum. Egg salad! YUM. So thoughtful of mango to remember my favorite kind of sandwich.

We played games. Hello? Toilet paper wedding gowns? Love it!

Loved it even more after seeing Auntie Po! Had to choose her as the winner. Only at a bridal shower would you see a 70+ year old lady wearing a toilet paper dress with coffee filter boob holders!

And some sneaky-sneak snuck a little treat in my bag during one of the games. Candy-flavored condom anyone? (I think it's still in my purse.)

But that wasn't the funniest part. When asked who had a condom in her purse, Auntie Po said, "Oh all these young girls will have them!"

And then it was time for gifts! Got this lovely Cuisinart Griddler. It's like the Chanel of George Foreman Grills.

Then I opened the gift of all gifts. The Kitchen Aid Mixer. Not the little one. The big one. EEKS!

Can't wait to use it!

My silly 13 year old niece bought me a whole bunch of Victoria's Secret panties. Gigantic brief style ones cos she thinks I'm one of those old ladies.

One of the most useful gifts was a pillow case. One side says, In the mood. The other side says, Not in the mood.

Hunny Bunny got a gift too - a man-pouch made of candy!

I guess you could count this little pink number as a gift for him as well!

With matching pink furry handcuffs, of course.

So many underthings!

Off to my
bachelorette weekend
! Wonder if I should bring any of this stuff...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

here's a peek

Bridal shower this weekend.. More to come!
Latest must-read!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

and the winner is...


Please email me your contact info to claim you brand new Perricone MD Advanced Face Firming Activator. Be sure to tell me how you like it!

(And I'm so sorry for the delay in getting the winner announced. I was a sick girl yesterday! Fever, congestion, the whole shibang. Much better today!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

scoffs at 40% off...

I wish someone would hire me to do this every day..

Spent the morning with my good friend Nicole from the Seattle Times.

Her assignment? Shop at the newly opened Neiman Marcus at The Shops at the Bravern. My assignment? Shop at the newly opened Neiman Marcus at The Shops at the Bravern.

Oh and tweeting about our finds!

We walked right into the cosmetics department and already I could feel the frenzy. Immediately, we were offered makeovers at the Chanel counter. They could feel the $50 gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Must.Resist. (I'm waiting for the arrival of the Noir Obscur collection to arrive before I make any hasty makeup decisions!)

Then we hit the shoes. Loves.

Then we hit the designer collections. Loves-Loves.

Then I tried on an Ali Ro ruffle windbreak. Loves-Loves-Loooooves.

I was a good girl today and didn't buy anything. (It probably didn't help that I just dropped my car off for repairs and am anticipating a hefty bill!)

And you know me. I prefer to shop when there's a discount involved. I'm more excited for future Last Call sales!


shirt - Hunny Bunny's closet
jeans - Rock & Republic
flats - Loeffler Randall
tote - vintage Chanel
sunnies - ray ban
...and a couple pearl necklaces I twisted up

Thursday, September 10, 2009

just looking..

It's been about two months since I was laid off and I've had to curb my spending. A lot. I used to work in the middle of downtown, just blocks away from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack so it was easy for me to shop all the time. And for the first couple weeks of being unemployed, I still made a point to head down there just because I had nothing better to do. And when there's nothing for a girl to do, the girl goes shopping!

Am I the only one?

Now with the wedding less than two months away (eep), and with me not really looking for a full time job, I've had to really look at my finances and decide what I need and don't need - there are going to be a lot of things to pay for soon. Did I tell you I picked up my wedding dress? (double eep)

So here I am avoiding the mall and Target (because every time I go there I buy so much stuff!) And when I shop online, I only put things in the cart - never checking out. Blah. It's lame. I don't even remember the last time I went to Forever 21! See? I do have some restraint.

But when I went through my mail last week, I found a $50 gift card to the Neiman Marcus that is opening on Sept. 11! No strings attached. No "$50 off if you spend blah blah." Just $50. Plain and simple. A few of my friends also received one. (I wonder if they poached one of the mailing lists from Nordstrom...)

To be honest, while I'm very excited to have a Neimans in town, I'm more excited for the future Last Call sales!

I'll be at the opening tomorrow with a friend of mine and I'll be pretending to be a fashionista on a mission to find the most fabulous outfit for a most fabulous event.

Or maybe I'll just stop the cosmetics department and spend my $50 on a little something.

Retail therapy on someone else's dime. Count me in.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

brrr.. it's cold in here..

there must me some Clovers in the atmosphere!

Who else loves Bring It On? Missy's the poo, so take a big whiff.

Anyhoo, I'm starting to look for a new winter coat again. A while back, I scored this fun See by Chloe plaid coat at the Rack. It was only $60 (from $800+). I have no idea why it was marked down so much but it was in pristine condition so I think I was rather lucky!

But if you hadn't noticed, it's a red plaid, lumberjack coat. Not exactly something I can wear regularly. No, I'm looking for a nice black wool coat. Something I can pretty much wear all winter.

Last year, I settled on this grey Soia Kyo coat. I got a lot of wear out of it (and a lot of compliments!) but I still really want to find a good black coat.

There are two that I've been eyeing at J. Crew though I'm leaning more towards the "ribbon" one, stylewise. I haven't seen it in person yet so I don't know for sure if it's the one and it's not available until October.

I'm very particular about the lengths of my coats. I can't stand long coats. Midthigh is about as long as I can go. I just want it to be long enough to cover whatever top I'm wearing underneath, but I don't want it so long that wearing heels is a must.

The second coat that I'm considering is this ruffle one. I actually tried this one on in the store and really loved the fit. The wool is also extremely soft, which isn't always the case at J. Crew.

The reason I'm leaning towards the ribbon one is because it seems just a tad longer than the ruffle one, which just went past my tush, and it looks just a little more tailored. And somehow the ruffles aren't quite as ruffly as I would like. Did that even make sense? I think that if the ruffles were fuller, then I'd probably like it more.

What do you think? I have a little over a month before the ribbon coat is available so I'm not in a hurry. Maybe I'll be lucky and get a couple gift cards for my upcoming bday!

No pressure. *wink*

Friday, September 4, 2009

smooth as a baby's bu....

In celebration of my return to the blogosphere, I'll be giving away one (1) Perricone MD Advanced Face Firming Activator (valued at $120). With Fall just around the corner (sad), it's the perfect time to change up your skincare regimen.

My skin always changes in the Fall so I'm constantly looking for new face skin care. Must take care of my face! It's the first thing people see and honestly, I freak out at any sign of a wrinkle. Hello? I wore SPF 70 the entire time I was in Hawaii!

Shallow? Probably. Real? Definitely.

So here are the deets:

  • US residents only. Sorry!
  • Must be following my blog. It's easy! Just click up there in the right corner! Voila!
  • Leave a comment and tell me a little something about your skin and how you keep it gorgeous!
  • Get an extra entry if you twitter this post (just let me know you did it with an @lookrichbitch !)

Contest ends on September 13, 2009 at midnight PST. I'll be randomly selecting a name so good luck!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hunny Bunny and I had engagement photos taken a couple days ago and I decided to have my makeup done at the MAC counter at Nordstrom.

I told the artist that I was having photos taken that day and that I didn't want anything to dramatic. She took it from there. And I'm so glad she did!

Normally, I prefer to either go barefaced or with just the sheerest of coverage. That's why I love using Smashbox's Halo. It's just the perfect everyday foundation/powder for me.

But it doesn't quite even out my skintone completely. I still get red and splotchy and who wants that to show up in photos?

That's where the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation comes it. I couldn't believe how flawless and smooth my skin looked! I didn't even want to wash my face at the end of the day, it was that delicious...

I had sworn I would never be a fan of MAC foundations because my experience (10 years ago!) was that it was to heavy and cakey for me. Not this little guy. Maybe it's because I got better directions on how to apply it this time. I don't know. In any case, I went home with this amazing tube.

I love it so much that I plan to buy another one when my Hawaiian vacation tan fades.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

some day.. you will be mine...

I love my daddy for buying mommy a new Louis Vuitton bag that cost more than our entire trip to Hawaii. Isn't the Le Radieux Suhali bag so pretty? I'm absolutely infatuated with the gray leather and gold hardware.

Did you know that the Louis Vuitton prices are lower in Hawaii than anywhere else? And I mean the price before tax! Yep. The list price for this particular bag is $200+ more in the contintal US!

Daddy insisted that Mommy let him buy it for her and at first she declined but in the end we trekked back to Ala Moana so he could buy it for her. I need to figure out how mommy trained daddy to be so generous. Is that like playing hard to get?

I can't wait to borrow it from her... forever! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i'm so depressed...


Far from it! I know that's what some of y'all are thinking and I totally appreciate your concern! In fact, I love you for it! Seriously. The number of you who've been hassling me, I mean, checking in on me... It really means a lot.

And you're not the only one who felt sorry for me! Daddy (real, not sugar) felt so sorry for me that he treated me to my first trip to Hawaii! A mini family vacay before the wedding.

It was perfect!
We visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation. I never knew how cute pineapple plants were! Who else thought pineapples grew on trees?! I was so surprised to see these little bushes on the ground topped with a pineapple!

Too. Cute.

Then there was a the food. Ono's, Rainbow's, Ted's, Giovanni's....
I ate myself silly! My parents are still raving about the shrimp truck. (BTW, if you go, see if you can find where I signed LOOKRICHBITCH! Here's a hint, it's on the fence where the cars are parked!)

I'm gonna try to recreate the shrimp scampi at home soon. I'll tell you how it goes.

One of the highlights of our trip was
swimming with wild dolphins and sea turtles! My 13-year-old niece and I took a 4-hour cruise on the west side of Oahu. There were no guarantees about actually swimming with dolphins because they're, you know, wild. I was just hoping to at least seem some from the boat.

It took us a while to find them in the water (basically the boat drops you off in the ocean and they tell you what direction to swim and hopefully you find the dolphins!) We were really fortunate that day because the dolphins were extremely friendly and playful. They were jumping and flipping in the air as soon as we arrived.

After we slid into the water, I felt like we had been swimming for the longest time then all of a sudden we were surrounded by them! There were at least three baby ones too (the lighter dolphin in the photo was a baby)! They swam next to us and below us. My heart was pounding with excitement. I wanted to stay out there all day!

That is until one of them started pooping. No really. Actual poop. As in, all of a sudden there were a stream of browness. Ick.

Truly one of the best experiences in my life and I can't wait to do it again. It was that amazing. And no, I wasn't scared at all. *dreamy*

Since I'm still working only part time (and collecting unemployment!) I really couldn't take advantage of the low sales tax in Hawaii. But it sure was nice to shop vicariously through my mommy! Stay tuned.

I'm really just trying to enjoy the rest of my summer. I've been working a couple days a week, taking yoga classes, working out, and really just doing my own thing - trying not to watch too much tv, though I've really gotten into watch The Tudors.

I think Hunny Bunny is a little anxious for me to start working again but I'm not in a hurry. Just a little longer, okay?