Saturday, January 31, 2009

it's really me!

I couldn't believe my eyes as I flipped though the newspaper the other night. Looky looky who we have here!

That masked mess is me! I love file photos.

It was taken a few years ago when I was still working at The Seattle Times.

I happened to be working late that night and a photographer needed a model to wear the mask that I believe was actually made out of newspaper.

AnysomedayIwillbefamous, I thought it was funny to see myself in the paper, even though you probably don't believe me. Then again, it'd be kinda silly for me to lie about it.

I think I actually have a copy of that photo somewhere. I should frame it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So the Seattle-area dog lovers have been all abuzz about the discovery of a puppy mill with hundreds and hundreds of little doggies crammed in squalid conditions. I guess a lot of the dogs are pregnant too so there are about to hundreds more.

You can read all about it in The Seattle Times. It really breaks my heart knowing that someone could be so cruel.

Anysweetheart, my thirteen-year-old niece has decided to donate her Chinese New Year red envelope money to help the dogs! I was so proud and moved by her gesture that I too decided to donate as well.

Hunny Bunny and I are thinking about adopting one too. We'd been talking about getting a dog for a while now and it seems like this would be a great opportunity.

I hope you'll consider donating to the animal shelter near you! And remember to spay or neuter your pets.

Love ya!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

swift kick in the boot(y)

It was an accident. You can't blame me. I had a cold that day - few weeks ago. I was sick at home.

And then I got sick of sitting at home. I needed to get some fresh air.

So I went Posh on Main, this fab shoe boutique near my house. And tried on the adorable Loeffler Randal Ivy snap boot.

The illness caused my lapse in wallet judgement. In my defense though, they were 60% off.

But don't you love them as much as I do? The low wedge heel makes them super comfy. And the snaps make it easier for me to get my jeans tucked in.

I mean, they pretty much go with everything. So really, they're an investment. And it seems to me that investing in shoes is by far the safest bet these days, no?

Did I mention they were 60% off?

Monday, January 26, 2009


Did you totally laugh when Whitney got shut down by Olivia Palermo on The City? And not in the Rachel Zoe shut it down way.

"That's way too much information for me to be hearing. I don't want to hear any of it. You're what? 23? I mean you're an adult."


never too many dresses

Hunny Bunny once looked in my closet and commented on how practically everything in there was either a shade of pink or a shade of grey. I have finally found the perfect dress that not only matches my wardrobe but also my sensibilities.

So this painted Marni dress is kinda ginormous. But it was $33. In pristine condition. And hello?! It's Marni. Oh fairy tailor, please shorten and tighten my new love.

As I mentioned in the title, I'm a firm believer that one can never have too many dresses and while you may not agree, you must at least acknowledge that every woman must have the one go-to LBD.

This Jil Sander is that dress.

It's a delicious jersey that can easily go from day to night, from Lanvin flats to Jimmy Choo heels.

But it gets better. The back is somewhat drapey so this isn't just any old black dress - it's the caped crusader version. It's hard to tell in the photo but there's just a hint of the cape/drape on my right.

And finally. My favorite of them all. Who knew that all it would take was four little digits to make me feel so glam.

How effin hot is this 6267 dress?

It's like the ultimate mullet - business in the front and party in the back!

I haven't had this much luck at the Rack, EVER. Has anyone else seen stickers for an additional 90% off the lowest marked price before? I did some calculations and I paid about 3% of the original price on nearly all the pieces.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

gung hay fat choy!

Chinese New Year dinner with family. Ate too much!

vest - Gap
turtleneck - Old Navy
tulip skirt - Armani Collezioni ($17!!!)
tights - dkny
bag - YSL Muse
boots - Loeffler Randall

not super exciting, but super cheap!

These are a couple of my more boring purchases during my Rack frenzy. And yes, it was a major frenzy.

Was this close to passing up this navy Lanvin cami on account guilt, but as I said before, Mango talked some sense.

"Lanvin for $23! *smack smack* BUY IT."

Yes, ma'am!

It's actually really pretty though with black trim and distressed/frayed edges. If I was edgy, I could picture wearing it was a black lace bra peeking out the back. We'll see! I might go all old lady on you and wear it with a cardigan instead!

I'm not usually a mini-skirt gal but since I was already on my way to try on an armful of clothes, I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw in this metallic bronze/silver Burberry skirt.

It looked great in the dressing room paired with my Loeffler Randall boots (umm, that's another story...) and tights. Not too short and just A-line enough for me to not feel like my booty is taking over this side of the moon. (___*___)

I mean, it was only $13. So why not right?

At the last minute, I also picked up a pair of navy Jil Sander shorts. (Sorry no photo, but seriously just shorts.) Really nothing to write home about other than they were $17! Way nicer and better fitting than my Old Navy ones, that's for sure!

Friday, January 23, 2009


This whole recession thing is turning out to be a fabulous thing! Now now... Before you bite my head off, I only mean that in terms of all the discounts! I'm just as worried as about job security as the next person but I do have three jobs!

I swear, my wardrobe has gone up several notches after this spree.

Do you love this silk charmeuse Proenza Schouler top? The color is a deep navy/grey with black trim and it's incredibly soft. I just want to rub it all over my face!

It's my first Proenza that wasn't from their Target collection and I can't wait to wear it.

I was lucky enough to also pick up this fun Lela Rose silver cloud top. I'm not sure why it was originally $850 but I don't care!

Paired with navy shorts and a yellow jacket? Oh this outfit? I just threw it on this morning. Uh huh. Yup.

Okay, so this next purchase was a bit of an impulse but I felt like a princess in the sherbet colored frock by Armani Collezioni. It's a few sizes too big but I know my genius of a tailor will work her magic and it'll fit like a glove.

Summer weddings? I'm ready.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! part II

I couldn't resist! I went again.

  • Armani Collezioni skirt $17 (orig. $440)
  • Lanvin cami $23 (orig. $795)
  • 6267 dress $60 (orig. $2000)
  • Marni and Jil Sander dresses $33 each (orig. $1100)

I'll have to get the Marni dress taken in and up but at $33, I can afford to never wear it! And I almost didn't buy the Lanvin cami but Mango made a good point. I buy tops at F21 for the same price without so much as a thought, and this one is Lanvin!

Maybe Mango will do a guest post to gloat about all her goods! Givenchy LBD anyone?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Just a quick post:

Went to the Rack during lunch and now I can die.

  • Proenza Schouler top $20 (orig. $500+)
  • Lela Rose top $30 (orig. $800+)
  • Armani Collezioni dress $60 (orig. $2000)
  • Burberry skirt $13 (orig. $350)

Pictures coming soon!

good day, sunshine

I have this self-imposed rule of allowing myself to buy fancy sunnies every other year. Somehow, because of the usual lack of sunny days in Seattle, I can't seem to justify such a purchase every year. Not to mention the fact that sunglasses are upwards of $300 these days! Eff that!

Luckily, this is the year I get to indulge and I've just started my researching.

I've always liked the Chloe round sunglasses. Sad as I am to admit this, I basically have a flat nose and a flat face so not all sunnies are wearable without leaving an unsightly crease on my cheeks. The Chloes actually fit! But this particular model has been out for a while and I wonder if I'll get sick of them too quickly.

The YSLs have a fun frame but they're pretty pricey. And just because I'm allowed to splurge doesn't mean I want to go crazy. That much. Besides, they're a bit on the gaudy side. Subtly is key. I hate wearing sunnies that scream designer.

I also really like these Pradas, not necessarily in pink - I just love the shape. But there's a fine line between being huge and being HUGE. And I think they might be closer to the latter. Again, we're back to the whole flat faced thing.

And finally, here are my favorites so far. I am in love with these Chanels. Partly because they're Chanel but mainly because of the frame. Adore the color. And you can just barely see that there's a threaded cultured pearl near the temple. It just adds an extra bit of luxury without being obnoxious.

So what's the verdict? I don't know yet. I haven't even started trying aviators!

I know it's still early for me to be looking since it's crazy foggy here but I want to find the perfect pair that I'll be happy with for the next two years.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay. This is actually really sad. Talk about shopaholic...

The reason why I'm proud of myself is because last week I only bought one thing. Dammit! I totally just lied to you. I actually bought two things, but both from the same category...


It all started when I got an email from Smashbox advertising glorious items that were marked down! When I saw the GlamBox set full of neutrals, I had to have it! Eye color, mascara, cheek color, gloss and brushes. Oh my!

And did you know that if you order during specific hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays you'll get a little something extra for free! I got a free full size lip gloss.

Then one day, I hopped over to my neighborhood Nordstrom and picked up a new Nars lipstick in Belle du Jour to replace my Giorgio Armani nude lipstick. So really, in this case, I really wasn't shopping. I was just replacing something that I had run out of.

You want to know what's really depressing? (Since I'm in the mood to confess, I might as well put it all out there.)

I've been watching a lot of HSN and QVC.. I love watching all the makeup sales. I saw this one called Ready-to-Wear and really, really, REALLY wanted to order this magic lash extender. After the demonstration, the models all had lashes that looked like spiders! MUST HAVE.

And then there are all the presentations by Tarte and Smashbox and Philosphy. I can go on and on.

So far I've been able to resist picking up the phone and actually ordering. As much as I enjoy my "research", I don't want to be one of those people.

Then again Tyler Florence was on the other night and he was selling his new fancy cookware. I was soooo close to calling in just so I could talk to him.

I need help. Because now I've also admitted to watching non-cosmetics presentations!

Oh the shame!

Friday, January 16, 2009


For those hungry folks in the Seattle area, now's your chance to get your grub on!

The Met is one of my faves.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Is it just me or do you find it difficult to buy things that you need because you'd rather use the money to buy something you want?

I remind myself nearly every day that I need to get a new hair dryer. The one I have right now is so bad that I'm fearful of getting electricuted everytime I plug it in! But I have the hardest time actually plunking down the dollah dollah bills y'all because I'd rather buy new earrings or a dress though I keep telling myself that I'm just "researching" in order to find the best hair dryer. Right. Whatev.

I find that the cheapy ones at Target just don't cut it. I have to replace those more often so I prefer buying the fancier professional ones so I don't have to buy a new one every year. And they never seem to get hot enough and/or they overheat before I'm done drying.

My now disabled dryer is by T3. I think I've had it for a good 3 years. I liked it but it was bulky and almost got too hot not to mention super expensive.

Right now, I'm looking at Sedu brand dryers. Mainly because there's a free gift involved. They're both about the same price and their reviews are also similar.

Why is this so difficult?

Do you love your hair dryer? What brand is it? Why do you love it? I have course, wavy hair that needs some TLC. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hold me back

Could this be real? Have all my wildest dreams come true?

I got a text message this morning (yes, I get text message updating me on the happenings of NKOTB) that said there was going to be a cruise featuring my favorite guys!

Allegedly, it's a four-day cruise from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas that includes live performances as well as photo ops and chances to meet them. I wonder if they'll be on the boat the entire time... I mean, I would imagine that that would kinda suck for them with a whole bunch of screaming fans. Then again, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for hook ups with random people.

*Pick me! Pick me!*

No, I'm not really considering going. That much.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

whistle while you work

Hunny Bunny and I will be spending Presidents' Day/Valentine's weekend in Whistler. No, it won't be a romantic getaway for two - more like eight or nine people piled into a three bedroom townhouse. I. Can't. Wait.

(Did you miss the sarcasm?)

Okay, okay. I'll stop being a brat. Sheesh! I guess I'm just not that keen on spending a long weekend with my not-so-favorite people and their SOs, even though they're in our wedding. Isn't that bad? I really need to be a nicer person.

I'm not a particular fan of one particular friend of HB's. I find him rather condescending and a bit of a chauvanist. Mostly I try to avoid him for fear of offending him as much as he offends me. The other fellows are okay. They make me laugh.

As for the girls, well, I really don't know them. I suppose I haven't really made the effort. One acts a little ditzy.. I say act because I don't think she's actually a ditz. And I don't like girls who act dumb because they think it's cute. It's not. The other one, I might actually like her but haven't had the opportunity to talk to her without the ditz interjecting.

Enough of the complaining! Besides, maybe I'll have a change of heart during the trip and come home with some new BFFs. Here's to the eternally optimistic!

Speaking of optimism, being that this will be my first time up the slopes in three years, I'm pretty nervous. I'm actually only planning to spend a day up there. I don't think this old body can handle the punishment. I was never all that great of a snowboarder so I don't see myself keeping up with anyone.

I made HB promise that he'd stay with me at least part of the day until I'm back on my feet. I know that he'd rather be riding with the boys who are far more talented but having him around makes me a little more confident. I'm not sure what the skill level is for the girls but I don't want them to feel obligated to babysit me. I don't like being the one to slow people down. Somehow I don't feel quite as guilty when it comes to slowing HB down. D'oh! I joke! Not really.

Aside from bringing a book and my knitting, I've been looking for other ways to entertain myself while everyone else is playing in the snow and I found the Solarice Wellness Spa, which is located in the Village.

They have yoga classes and some delicious sounding spa treatments. After a day of pounding, I know that I'll be in need of some major pampering.

I'm trying to decide what treatments to get. It's a tad pricey and sometimes I'd rather spend my money on something tangible - like shoes. (Hopefully we'll have time to stop in Vancouver for a little shopping too! Or at the very least, some yummy dim sum!)

Now I need to get some new gear. I found my goggles and socks and long undies, but I think that's all I have! Need pants and possibly a coat and some mittens. And maybe even a pair of Hunter boots for trekking around the Village!

Monday, January 5, 2009

cost saving measures

I seriously deserve a round of applause.

*clap clap clap*

I scored a pair of grey Rich and Skinny straight-leg jeans and a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg jeans by J Brands for about $30 each.

But not only did I find a great deal, I extended my cost saving measures by hemming the jeans myself! Why pay an additional $15 for my tailor to do it when I had all the time in the world last week to do it myself? I figured that if I screwed up, I could turn them into capris or cut offs.

(Fie. Is that a muffin top I spy? Must remind myself to suck it in.)

I was a little nervous being that my first foray into the world of seams yielded me this sleeping beauty. To prepare myself, I watched a couple video on YouTube as a refresher. (YouTube has everything!)

Obviously I'm not so adventurous as to try to keep the original hem, but I did my best and you can hardly tell they're home made!


I'm not sure how to wear my grey jeans but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Friday, January 2, 2009

punch drunk love

Mostly just drunk but that was later in the evening.

Hunny Bunny made dinner reservations for New Year's Eve at one of my favorite places - Restauarnt Zoe. Of course I had to dress up a little bit, even though it was freezing outside.

boatneck top with lantern sleeves - corey lynn calter
studded skinny belt - mossimo
high-waisted skirt - marc by marc jacobs
tights - dkny
suede booties - miu miu

This is what happens when no one is around to take a picture for me. And of course I didn't think to bring my camera out with me.

New year's resolution? Figure out this whole picture-taking thing! Or at least somehow convince HB that taking my photo on a regular basis if fun for everyone! Yeehaw!

Oh and I also tried doing the messy side bun that Maegan demonstrated on her blog. It was sooo cute! But yet again, I can only tell you about it because I didn't take a picture! I really need to get with it.

My bad.