Thursday, January 15, 2009


Is it just me or do you find it difficult to buy things that you need because you'd rather use the money to buy something you want?

I remind myself nearly every day that I need to get a new hair dryer. The one I have right now is so bad that I'm fearful of getting electricuted everytime I plug it in! But I have the hardest time actually plunking down the dollah dollah bills y'all because I'd rather buy new earrings or a dress though I keep telling myself that I'm just "researching" in order to find the best hair dryer. Right. Whatev.

I find that the cheapy ones at Target just don't cut it. I have to replace those more often so I prefer buying the fancier professional ones so I don't have to buy a new one every year. And they never seem to get hot enough and/or they overheat before I'm done drying.

My now disabled dryer is by T3. I think I've had it for a good 3 years. I liked it but it was bulky and almost got too hot not to mention super expensive.

Right now, I'm looking at Sedu brand dryers. Mainly because there's a free gift involved. They're both about the same price and their reviews are also similar.

Why is this so difficult?

Do you love your hair dryer? What brand is it? Why do you love it? I have course, wavy hair that needs some TLC. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have.


Tiffany said...

oh, I totally hear ya. It is so much easier for me to buy $500 Louboutins that I've been coveting than to pay $100 for a hair dryer. haha!

I think my hair dryer is lost in the caribbean sea because we accidentally left it during our evacuation and then when we went back, it wasn't there anymore!

I bought the pink T3 and I really love it. It's not heavy at all and I use a diffuser that i bought from my salon and my hair is perfecto. I have been happy with it.

tam pham said...

i wouldn't know. i only blow dry my hair maybe twice a week [gasp]. normally, i let it air dry and then I go straight to bed. how lazy am I???

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

my mom loves her pink t3. the blow dryer that almost killed me was a t3. got an interim conair 1875 ion shine and HONEY, it has changed my life. you see my hair lately??? so good and i have horribly curly hair. $20. get it while you deciding...