Saturday, January 24, 2009

not super exciting, but super cheap!

These are a couple of my more boring purchases during my Rack frenzy. And yes, it was a major frenzy.

Was this close to passing up this navy Lanvin cami on account guilt, but as I said before, Mango talked some sense.

"Lanvin for $23! *smack smack* BUY IT."

Yes, ma'am!

It's actually really pretty though with black trim and distressed/frayed edges. If I was edgy, I could picture wearing it was a black lace bra peeking out the back. We'll see! I might go all old lady on you and wear it with a cardigan instead!

I'm not usually a mini-skirt gal but since I was already on my way to try on an armful of clothes, I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw in this metallic bronze/silver Burberry skirt.

It looked great in the dressing room paired with my Loeffler Randall boots (umm, that's another story...) and tights. Not too short and just A-line enough for me to not feel like my booty is taking over this side of the moon. (___*___)

I mean, it was only $13. So why not right?

At the last minute, I also picked up a pair of navy Jil Sander shorts. (Sorry no photo, but seriously just shorts.) Really nothing to write home about other than they were $17! Way nicer and better fitting than my Old Navy ones, that's for sure!


Savvy Mode SG said...

great buys. i am with you on the dress.

tam pham said...

love it all. can't wait to see outfit pics!