Tuesday, January 13, 2009

whistle while you work

Hunny Bunny and I will be spending Presidents' Day/Valentine's weekend in Whistler. No, it won't be a romantic getaway for two - more like eight or nine people piled into a three bedroom townhouse. I. Can't. Wait.

(Did you miss the sarcasm?)

Okay, okay. I'll stop being a brat. Sheesh! I guess I'm just not that keen on spending a long weekend with my not-so-favorite people and their SOs, even though they're in our wedding. Isn't that bad? I really need to be a nicer person.

I'm not a particular fan of one particular friend of HB's. I find him rather condescending and a bit of a chauvanist. Mostly I try to avoid him for fear of offending him as much as he offends me. The other fellows are okay. They make me laugh.

As for the girls, well, I really don't know them. I suppose I haven't really made the effort. One acts a little ditzy.. I say act because I don't think she's actually a ditz. And I don't like girls who act dumb because they think it's cute. It's not. The other one, I might actually like her but haven't had the opportunity to talk to her without the ditz interjecting.

Enough of the complaining! Besides, maybe I'll have a change of heart during the trip and come home with some new BFFs. Here's to the eternally optimistic!

Speaking of optimism, being that this will be my first time up the slopes in three years, I'm pretty nervous. I'm actually only planning to spend a day up there. I don't think this old body can handle the punishment. I was never all that great of a snowboarder so I don't see myself keeping up with anyone.

I made HB promise that he'd stay with me at least part of the day until I'm back on my feet. I know that he'd rather be riding with the boys who are far more talented but having him around makes me a little more confident. I'm not sure what the skill level is for the girls but I don't want them to feel obligated to babysit me. I don't like being the one to slow people down. Somehow I don't feel quite as guilty when it comes to slowing HB down. D'oh! I joke! Not really.

Aside from bringing a book and my knitting, I've been looking for other ways to entertain myself while everyone else is playing in the snow and I found the Solarice Wellness Spa, which is located in the Village.

They have yoga classes and some delicious sounding spa treatments. After a day of pounding, I know that I'll be in need of some major pampering.

I'm trying to decide what treatments to get. It's a tad pricey and sometimes I'd rather spend my money on something tangible - like shoes. (Hopefully we'll have time to stop in Vancouver for a little shopping too! Or at the very least, some yummy dim sum!)

Now I need to get some new gear. I found my goggles and socks and long undies, but I think that's all I have! Need pants and possibly a coat and some mittens. And maybe even a pair of Hunter boots for trekking around the Village!

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Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

sounds fun mama. try to relax and not take people too seriously. u sound alot like me at your age. aging is fun because the wrinkles help you mellow and not let people who aren't worth it get to you. you also start cutting out alot of the extraneous people slowly but surely. i kiss you.