Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm such a bad gf. Hunny Bunny's bday is on Thursday and I have yet to buy him anything. In fact, I told him I'm not buying him anything. I've made dinner reservations for a couple of nights - Benihana for his actual bday because he's always wanted to go there and The Capital Grille for Saturday night because who doesn't like to have a bday steak dinner?

I said that he's getting food as his gift. But that's totally selfish because I get food too! He says he doesn't care but I know I always like have gifts to open. Boo.

Any last minute suggestions? Maybe I should get him a stripper. Hahaha. Or a clown. I'm scared of clowns.

But at least I'm really excited about wearing my new F21 dress on Saturday! Gawd! I am sooooo selfish. Me me me!


Tam Pham said...

i horrible at gifts for the bf. after 6 years, i'm all out of ideas! magazine subscriptions? cufflinks? concert tickets? oh well. capital grille will totally make up for it. I LOVE that place! if you haven't already, make sure you tell them that you're there for a birthday!

Loosy said...

It's my HB's birthday Thursday too! I was just going to take him to the driving range and then Sitka and Spruce on Eastlake. I'm still thinking I should get him a little something to open up...HELP!

Hapalicious said...

What about some insanely rare Celine Dion item? LOL!! Otherwise, have you considered getting him one of those nice shaves where they lather you all up at one of the guy salons over on the Eastside? Or maybe a big, shiny BBQ grill? Men love shiny things.

Brotha Jack said...

man, don't listen to none of them chicks that replied. all those suggestions suck. The Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle Sony Playstation 3 is off the chain. Or get him a badass blu-ray dvd player. Or that new iphone 3G (it comes out 07/11). Steak dinner is a good start, tho. Just don't buy him no clothes or sissy sh*t. I suppose a badass jacket, hoodie, or ill sneakers are ok. Mmmm, steaks!