Monday, June 9, 2008

she's got legs

I want to get some new leggings. I'm kinda interested in the Kova & T oxy leggings. Then again, I'm not a movie/rock star so they'll probably look ridiculous on me - not to mention the fact that they're $120! Holy crap! But that hasn't kept me from looking at them constantly. I'm also not sure how I like the whole stirrup factor. I just really like the semi-shiny look. What do you think?

Splendid at ShopStyle

An alternative (read: cheaper) could possibly be the American Apparel version. I think they're around $40. I want to go take a look at them in person before I decide. I don't want it to look too disco-y, ya know?

Then there's always the tried and true Splendid version. But that's so boring! But I do like the navy ones... Would I really wear navy though? Might be cute with my grey boots. Hmm. So many things to think about!

What's a girl to do?

UPDATE: I went to American Apparel when they opened and bought a pair of slightly shiny leggings. I tried their "eel" ones and they look like plastic on me. I'm not cool enough for those.


Grace said...

I've been interested in getting a pair myself, but I am worried about how they will hold up in the summer sun. Do they make your legs terribly sweaty?

Diabolina said...

eeks! totally on the same wavelength. i've been wanting the AA ones for MONTHS. think i'm too chunky. but I LOVE them. I think the key is wearing them is EXPENSIVE tall shoes. that way you won't look like a hooker or a dolphin trainer.

WendyB said...

Well, I love them. I'm ALWAYS writing about them. Good thing too, because most of the hits to my blog are from people searching for latex leggings.