Monday, May 12, 2008

fat floats

I'm starting my intermediate adult swimming lessons today. I'm a little bit nervous. I always get nervous when I'm in the pool. I suppose that's why I'm taking lessons! Anyway, I bought a swim cap this time. My lessons are twice a week and I really don't want the chlorine wreaking havoc on my hair.

My beginner's class was pretty lame. I took lessons when I was a kid so I kinda know the basics, I just need help with side breathing. The other students in the class had no idea what they were doing. Luckily, the instructor was keen enough to give me some simple instructions to practice on my own while the geezers were learning how to blow bubbles. Seriously. That's what they were doing.

I hope I have a different instructor this time too. He was really nice but distracting at the same time - very cute. I knew he was young, but I didn't realize just how young. But during the second to last class, he told us that he wouldn't make it to the last class because of a test. I thought that maybe he had an exam or something in college.. Oh how wrong I was!

He was taking the SATs! Holy crap! I'm such a cougar! I thought he was at least 20 or so, but nope. He was probably only 17. *sigh*

If he asked me to his prom, I'd probably go. Hahahaha! I joke, I joke! Sorta.

Wish me luck so I don't drown!

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