Monday, June 23, 2008

practically stealing!

Designer bags are going to be 60% off starting tomorrow at Nordstrom. They're doing presales right now! Go, go, GOOOOO!

I was looking at this lovely Jimmy Choo Malena bag that I hadn't seen on sale before (and I check weekly!) and commented about it to the sales gal and she was like, "Oh we have a ton of different bags just sitting in the back."

Don't you think it's kinda unheard of to find a black leather bag on sale for 60% off? Hello, McFly? When was the last time you found a decently sized bag for under $1K?

Anyway, I surmised that they're trying make it seem like there's only a small selection of bags left over so there's more of a frenzy. But in fact, they just keep replenishing from the back! I'm on to you Uncle Nordies! Watch out!

Hmmm.. Maybe it's just the Seattle store where there aren't as many designer bag hoarders like me around!


Tam Pham said...

no date's superhard planning a wedding in Tulsa when you live in Dallas. ugh. i'm totally going to be a bridezilla...haha.jk. sorta.

Jack C said...

get get get it, girl! woot woot!

Modelizer said...

Fantastic bag, but honestly, you can find a gorgeous designer black bag for under 1k often if you just look in the right places. Or better yet, know the right people :x