Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fat floats II

I just started the second session of my adult swim lessons. Apparently, I did not learn to swim in the last session.

Actually, I'm okay. I'm just not sure I'm ready to jump into the ocean without my floaties! Besides, I could use some regularly scheduled exercise in my life. No excuses for not going, right?

Last session, I was stuck in a class with all men - weird, unsociable, hairy, Speedo-clad men. I guess I learned a lot more then, since there were no *ahem* distractions. I was surprised to find that this session is for the ladies! I already found a new bestie! She's the only one who chats and I helped her put her swim cap on. (Can't go damaging my hair, especially since I plan on trying one of TenPachi's texture perms next month!)

Anyhoo, there's this one girl in the class.. She's kinda umm.. big..ish.. And not a very strong swimmer. And partially blind.. So we were taking turns doing the back stroke down the pool. She went first. Then me. I guess I caught up to her because next thing you know I'm practically knocked out by what I thought were the buoys between the lanes. Alas, they were big boobs that I slammed into! Hello!? Stay in your lane! And by all means, please don't stop in the middle of a lap!

Honestly, that was a little too up-close-and-personal. Seriously.



Loosy said...

Please give more details about this texture perm!!! I love soft curls and would give my right pinkie toe for them. I'm a chronic dyer, do you think I'd get turn down? (Wait, is it turned down or turn down?) ;)

Diabolina said...

hahaha and yikes yikes yikes ;)

i bet you have perfect straight hair like what i wish i had. f.