Wednesday, June 4, 2008

not my fault

Everytime my friend comes home (she works in Japan) for a visit, she makes me want to shop and buy fancy things that I can't afford. It's not her fault. It's all me. I covet everything she has! I told her that if she ever has a garage sale, to please put me at the top of her list.

Since she's not having a blowout sale anytime soon, I decided to do a little online window shopping. I really love the color of that 3.1 Phillip Lim dress.. And I do love the Jimmy Choo Mahala bag. They're both on sale.. I'm waiting for them to get marked down once more. *wink*

Kenneth Cole at ShopStyle

But you'll be so proud to know that I did not buy the Zac Posen dress I found at the Rack yesterday. It's gorgeous, but do I need it? No. Even though it was orig. $1675, marked down to $449 with an additional 40% off! Wait a minute. Maybe I should get it! Dammit. I may have just talked myself into it.



I think I'll hold out for the Phillip Lim dress. It's more my style. hohum...

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Tam Pham said...

oh i love that green dress. saw it on for 50% off. i too saw some great stuff at nordstrom rack today...Burberry platforms and a Chloe dress 40% off. i talked myself about of it though. let me know if you give in...i might too!