Thursday, June 5, 2008

special delivery!

Okay, so I was kinda being shady because I didn't write about the stuff that I ordered from F21 last week. Partly, I wanted to see if it was cute first cos it would be pointless to blog about something that turned out to be lame.Lo and behold! I loved it all!

The little yellow rain coat is perfect for the weather we've been having - and it looks great with my blue pants today.

The grosgrain top fits perfectly and I think I'll pair it with some leggings or skinny jeans (as soon as I pick them up from my alterations lady - and no, she did not tell me I am fat this time). I'm usually not a fan of any sort of bedazzling, but the little stones on this top are just subtle enough that I don't mind them.

The best is yet to come! I also got this amazing little dress! (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a pic and didn't have the foresight to take a pic of it myself!) Here's a description though: Sleeveless hybrid knit and woven mini dress with rib knit bodice and gathered satin skirt with matching drawstring at the waist.

It's basically a grey wife-beater tank with a yellowish-green skirt attached to it. It's adorable! It's from the Twelve by Twelve line at F21.

More clothes for Mexico! At last count, I have about 8 outfits for my 4 day trip.

Methinks I will need to shop online at F21 some more - in general! Sheesh. Not today. Well, maybe.


Tam Pham said...

take a pic of the dress! i'm intrigued...which means I might want to copycat next time I hit F21!

Hapalicious said...

Dude! You are going to take Mexico by storm. People will be taking pics of YOU in all your smashing outfits! LOL