Tuesday, June 3, 2008

nothing but a number

My very best friend gave birth to her second child yesterday. He's so freakin' cute! My friend also has a pre-teen daughter.

I was in the delivery room along with her hubby. I know, brave right? Surprisingly, I wasn't completely traumatized by the whole process. Then again, I kept my eyes averted at all times - north of the equator!

Anyway, I guess my bff talked to the nurse about her daughter because when I arrived, the nurse asked if I was the daughter! HAHAHAHAAHA! I know I look young, but I don't look like an almost-13 year old! I think my friend was slightly offended, especially since I'm a tad older than her.

1 comment:

Dat n*gga Jack said...

was the nurse hating? i guess if you're 13, karen must be an embryo? well, according to the french guy that asked if she was your daughter...d'oh! why i gotta bring up old sh*t?