Friday, June 6, 2008


I decided that since there is no sun to be had here, I would have to fake it. I figured that maybe if I looked like I got some sun, I wouldn't feel so depressed about the rain. For Pete's sake! It's JUNE! Not JUNE-uarary!

Actually the tan isn't too bad. I succumbed to peer pressure and bought Clarins' Delicious self tanner - and by "peer pressure" I really mean there was a free gift and I heart free gifts! Anyway, I'm not really good at applying self tanner. I've had too many moments of dirty looking ankles to venture beyond Dove's gradual tanning lotion. But after hearing rave reviews about the ease of use, I decided now was the time to try it.

Per the instructions, I exfoliated really well and then slathered on the caramel ice cream topping (that's what it looks like!) It smelled pretty good too - not that weird almost-burnt smell of most self-tanners. And it really was easy! I blended and blended until there were no more visible streaks and then I crossed my fingers.

It looks pretty darn good, minus my slightly tinted palms. Totally my fault for not washing meticulously afterwards! All in all, the results were copacetic.

Exactly three more weeks until I get my real tan in Cabo!

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