Friday, June 6, 2008

he ruins everything

I had an hour and a half massage appointment last night with my new favorite guy. (Usually I only like female massage therapists, but this guy is so good that I can look past his hairy arms..) As I was waiting for my appointment, I played Cooking Mama on my Nintendo DS.

Anyway, as soon as I get on the table, he asked me what game I was playing. Next thing you know, the conversation turns into him telling me all about World of Warcraft and Ever Quest and all those other MMO games. I don't even know what "MMO" means! This is partially my fault because in an effort to be polite, I mentioned that my HB also enjoys playing War-nerds, ahem, Warcraft. So then he delves into the beginning of it all.. Dungeons and Dragons.. Magic..

Doesn't he know that I like complete SILENCE during my rub downs? I don't want to know about how he played Ever Quest for 72 hours straight with only sporadic 5 minute bathroom breaks. I also don't want to know that "elves" are the hottest avatars and that if you get new armor, you have to strip your elf to put it on and the the girl elves have skimpy underclothes and you make make her dance around half naked.

I mean really... Did I really need to know that if you need help in battle, you can choose "speak" and only the players nearby can hear you, but if you choose "shout" the radius is larger? And that you can befriend people online and form groups so you can battle as a team called a guild?? Apparently, hunny bunny is part of a guild. While we were in Spokane, I caught him checking his iPhone constantly. When I asked him what he was looking at, he said he was checking on his guild. I'm like "What? I didn't know you were in a union.."

HB 'fessed up to belonging to a fake guild on W-o-W!

"W-T-F" is more like it!

Did you know that you can actually BUY weapons and gold from other gamers? Yes. Apparently it's some underground industry where people can sell their imaginary pillage and sell it for real money ~ as in cheddah, benjamins, dolla-dolla-bills-y'all! Word on the street, it's quite the industry in China. They have sweatshops of gamers playing and selling their plunder to people who are too lazy to actual earn those rewards.

I blame HB for all of this. He ruined my perfectly silent relationship with my massage therapist. If HB wasn't such a nerd, this conversation would never have escalated into 90 minutes of geek-speak! I'll have to find another silent therapist with magical hands. I can never go back to him for fear that he'll want to continue our conversation. *shudder*

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Hapalicious said...

Cooking Mama! My little nephew keeps telling me to get it ... so is it as adorable as he says?