Saturday, June 21, 2008

rascally rabbit!

Hunny Bunny and I went to play a quick 9-holes yesterday. It was a bit crowded though and we were the last in line. By the time we reached hole-3, we realized what a traffic jam there was and decided just to mess around back at holes 1 and 2 until it was our turn.

I started practicing my putting at the first hole - minding my own beeswax. Next thing you know, I hear HB saying "Oooh!"

Not "Fore!"

Not "Heads up!"

Nope. When I look up, I see his ball come flying in my direction. I tried to hop out of the way but alas, Mr. Ball - meet Miss Ankle.

OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Followed by massive amounts of effs and esses and a quickly swelling ankle. So our short set was even shorter. I could barely walk to the car and HB could barely contain his laughter.

"My eyes are watering because of allergies! I swear!" Likely story. Those are more like tears from stifling the giggles. STOP EFFING LAUGHING.

Just what I need. A fat ankle a week before our trip to Mexico. Grassy-ass indeed!