Monday, June 16, 2008

new man in my life

It's offical. HB and I are over. Phillip Lim and I have decided to elope! Dum dum da dum!

That would be my dream come true! Well, at least my dream wardrobe! Does Phillip Lim even swing this way? Oh well. I guess Hunny Bunny still has a little place in my cold, cold heart.

On my way back from lunch, Karen and I passed by Mario's and saw that their sale is at 60% off! We had to take a peek!

I saw this glorious dress for only $190! I need to go back and try it on..

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Tam Pham said...

sorry about the bug :-)!!! have you been to barney's lately??? up to 60% off. i picked up a couple of lim tops today for $50 each!