Wednesday, June 25, 2008

by request

This is more info about the texture perm. I read about it in DailyCandy. Miss Loosy, you'll have to call them! Not sure if you'll get turned down. Good luck! My first appointment is in a few weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out.

There were moments during adolescence in which you felt like you were plummeting from the ugly tree — and hitting every branch on the way down. Braces (ow). Baby fat (oof). That poodle-perm (yeesh).

So you’ll be understandably skeptical of the digital perm, a hot new Japanese treatment at the U-District’s Ten Pachi salon. That is, until you see the totally grown-up curls it creates.

The digital perm uses chemicals similar to those used in Japanese straightening treatments to give you big, bouncy waves. Hair is wrapped around large, electric rods which are connected to a Weird Science-like machine via cables then heated.

The end result is gorgeous, shiny, hot roller-like waves that are bound to turn a few heads.

Brace yourself.

Ten Pachi Modern Salon + Store, 5611 University Way Northeast (206-985-1010 or

PS: Miss D - I totally don't have stick straight hair - I have this weird frizzy, wavy thing going on! My mum often wonders if I'm really Asian.


Brooke said...

What about grow out? There's nothing worse than the two inches of straight hair by the scalp and then the 8 inches of curls. Regardless if they're big and soft. (Sorry to be such a pest...I guess I'm just a tad hesitant but at the same time I WANT THE GORGEOUS, SHINY WAVES!! I WANT IT ALL!!!!)

PS - It just dawned on me, the word perm is pretty gross.

style-ish said...

Actually if you got a texture perm from Ten Pachi then you didn't get a digital perm. I had them explain the difference to me and a texture perm is more like a regular perm with the solution and stuff whereas the digital perm is where they have you connected to the digital machine and the temperature is controlled by it.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know in case you ever wanted to go back to get the digital perm!