Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had a brief conversation with my hunny bunny about shopping the other day. Here's the gist.

LRB: I want to go shopping.
HB: What do you need to get?
LRB: Nothing...
HB: Then why do you need to go shopping?
LRB: I don't know... So I can see if there's anything I want?
HB: Well, why don't you figure out what you want before you go and then just go buy that?
LRB: I don't go shopping because I know what I want. I go shopping to be inspired and hopefully to find something new!
HB: So you're saying you really don't need anything...
LRB: UGH! If I don't go shopping, then how will I know what I need? What's the point of shopping if I already know what I want?

SHEESH! Party pooper.


Annie Rose said...

My boy is metro-sexual enough to understand my shopping, and enjoys it as much as me...not sure if that's a good or a bad thing though...

Tam Pham said...

umm...have you been eavesdropping on my shopping conversations with my bf????

Ivan said...

*rolling eyes*