Wednesday, May 7, 2008

reusable bags

Does that not refer to handbags? Because I reuse mine all the time! Yep. I'm saving the planet.

This Marc Jacobs Parker tote is adorable! I love that color! It would go great with those grey boots I just ordered, which by the way, should be at my door step as I type. It's not as expensive as all the other bags out there, but it's still $1250 at Barneys.

This little color block clutch is really cute too. I love the contrasting colors and it's only $695! What a bargain!

I can sense a disturbance in the force. Barneys sale is starting soon...

1 comment:

Diabolina said...

found you through tam.

i heart these bags. marc is diabolical. determined to get all my cash and force me to be the old lady who lived in all her shoes.