Thursday, May 22, 2008

solid gold

Did you ever watch that show? It was awesome.

Anyway, I took a long lunch today (kinda by accident.. kinda not. *wink*) and ended up at the Chanel counter looking at nail polish. I was mainly inquiring about the limited edition bright L.A. colors. They're not in yet, but she said any day now. I kinda like that yellow one. I need to try it on first.

Being a good salesperson, she wisely told me about the upcoming Fall collection. Like, O-M-G. Forget the brights! Bring on the gold, sistah! The gold polish was to die for! And you better believe that I would be willing to have a good ol' fashioned knife fight in the name Chanel. Bring it on PazzoKev. Bring it!


She had a sample of the Fall eyeshadow quad palette with consisted of these luscious colors: gold, coffee, ivory and dark green. Of course I had to have her put me on the list for when these glorious shades arrive!

I feel prettier just thinking about it.

Oh and while I was at Nordstrom I also pre-saled this Vince jacket.

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