Wednesday, May 28, 2008

moment of madness

or what Miss Diabolina likes to call a "Shopping Frenzy."

I just took a long break and walked over to the Gap (I know! Again??) I can't help it! It's a block away! (And of course I'm wearing a top from them today! I hate walking into the store wearing something I bought from there. Is that weird? For some reason, I don't want them to know I shop there regularly.)

So I ended up picking up one of those white shirts designed by 3.1 Phillip Lim. It was only $16, from $78! How could I not? And then I picked up this little skirt that I've been wanting forever! It was on sale too and I just really wanted to buy it. Dammit.

I guess I didn't do too much damage. I didn't have enough time to try the shirt on, so who knows. Maybe I'll hate it and then have to return it.


Tam Pham said...

i, too, had a shopping frenzy at Gap today. damn the must-have basics.

Diabolina said...

yay for gap deals. never buy full price there. not worth it.