Monday, May 12, 2008

about face

Once again, I've been hypnotized by a gay man - this time, he was a not-particularly-attractive, tubby redhead. But he was selling makeup! And as I've said before, if a gay is selling, LRB is buying!

Here's how it went down:

My cousin and I had appointments at Sephora for their Too Faced anniversary event. (There in lies my problem... Actually booking an appointment with a gay man! I should just give him my money.) Anyway, it included a boxed breakfast and a makeover with Too Faced products. I swear, in 20 minutes, my whole face was transformed and I was glowing! My skin looked amazing and the brushes he used were fabulous!

The Magic Wand Illuminating Foundation is so smooth and sheer on my skin. It blended away any discoloration and just disappeared into my skin. I couldn't believe how even and smooth my face looked and felt. It didn't even feel like I was wearing any makeup. I don't always wear foundation, but some days, when I feel exceptionally heinous, I'll put some on and voila! Beauty from a beast! No wonder it's called magic.

I'm usually a MAC brush girl and was actually about to pick up a few new brushes. But when this gay man applied all the shadows and bronzer and blush, I had to ask about the brushes he was using. They were unbelievably soft on my skin - not to mention cute! To my surprise, all the brushes are synthetic thus animal cruelty-free!
I also picked up the bronzer kit that included the fab kabuki brush. I really meant to just get the brush, but when he said it was a better deal to get the set, my ears perked up. The set was $39.50 which included the full size bronzer (I got it in Sun Bunny) and a mini mascara. The brush by itself is $29.50 so for $10 more I'd get the other two items.

I'm not usually crazy about bronzer either. I like looking tanned but I hate how a lot of bronzers are so shimmery. Sun Bunny only has a hint of shimmer in it so I don't look like a tranny. Yay!

I wanted to pick up a bottle of Lash Injection Antidote gel-based makeup remover too, but got caught up in the frenzy and forgot about it. We tested it on some eyeliner and it took every bit of color off the skin sans any pulling and tugging. I may need to stop at Sephora some time this week since I do have that new Dior eyeliner that I've been wearing that's left me with some hard to remove raccoon eyes.

*sigh* It was barely 9:30 am and I'd already spent some cheese.

No thanks to Karen!

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Rhondalei said...

I so got that kit at Ulta cuz I had a $3.50 coupon to use with the stuff I got. Haha! I picked up the Teddy Bear Hair brushes awhile ago and love those too! Bronze goddesses? I'll blog about it soon!