Friday, May 9, 2008

caught up

I always get caught up in the frenzy of shopping whenever there's a crowd. I was at the Nordstrom event last night (10 points!) and while I wasn't as lucky as Miss TamPham, I still went a little crazy.

As soon as I arrived, I ran into my devilish cousin who knows how I'm a sucker for anything free. She immediately tells me about all the cosmetics lines with gifts with purchase! I hurry over to to the Dior counter and find that with the purchase of two items, I get this little carrying case with a mini eyeshadow palette, face wash and a mini DiorShow Black Out mascara. SOLD!

I picked up a full size of the mascara and also the Dior Waterproof eye liner. I'm always on the hunt for a liner that I can use on my waterline without having it run down my face within a couple hours - my goal is to look like one of the Kardashian sisters with the black rimmed eyes. *wink*

I thought I was done, but nooooo.. That damn little cousin of mine comes traipsing over with her little bag of goodies, this time from Clarins! Buy two items and get two deluxe samples! I've never even used Clarins, but the size of those freebies sucked me in and next thing you know, I'm clambering through the crowds with a friend buying random products! I'd post pictures, except I seriously don't remember what I bought. Oh the shame.. But I'm sure, whatever magical potion I bought, I'll love since they totally tested it on my hands. Errr... Riiiight.

I hadn't even made it up to the second floor to look at clothes! I didn't find anything really. I think I was already feeling a bit of buyer's remorse. Gawd, I wasn't even drunk.

But hark! Who goes there?! Tory Burch? How cute are these thong sandals? I had to have them! But now I don't know. They're not particularly comfortable. Maybe I should return them and finally get those Phillip Lim Birks once and for all.

No thanks to Karen!

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Tam Pham said...

yay! you joined in on the Nordstrom fun! i wonder why they stagger the dates?? hmm...who cares?! i love me a gift with purchase...almost as much as i like blog shout outs! :-) p.s. i think you should get the lim birks!