Tuesday, May 6, 2008

daddy's girl

It's nice to have a dad with a jewelry shop. I get to borrow pieces to wear all the time! And while mom never lets me have stuff for free (I put it on layaway! hahaha!), daddy does! Of course, I don't get to have anything too fancy -just "trinkets" as my dad likes to call them.

Anyway, several years back my dad made a small three stone diamond ring for me - I think it was about .5 ct total weight. I never really wore it because I didn't like the style. I thought the setting was too bulky. Cut to Saturday, I woke up thinking that I needed something new on my finger. I brought that ring in to daddy and asked if I could have it reset. I wanted it in rose gold (my new fave!) with a bezel around each stone.

It's sooo much cuter now! You can see the stones much better and I love it!

But the best part was when my dad asked if I wanted to pay for it, I said "No." HAHAHAHA!


Tam Pham said...

oooh pretty! tam likey! fyi, if your bf buys you that YSL cuff then i deem him the best bf EVER!

Tam Pham said...

haha yeah they have been bugging us...even our friends bug us. we'll see...maybe in a couple of years. how about you and your hb??? same boat as ours?

WendyB said...

Very cute!