Monday, May 19, 2008

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's a...

... foot buffer?? Microplane has come up with a stainless steel foot buffer that magically removes dry skin from your crusty feet! I don't know about you, but still-in-sock-mode feet are not really ready to be seen in public. Don't you think the green is so cute?

Have you seen the commercial for that Ped Egg thing? Seems like the same idea, but the microplane is way more adorable. Anyway, that scene where the girl empties out the egg and all that white "dust" falls out. Icky!

Would you like some grated cheese on your linguine?

I kinda want to try the microplane one though. Maybe I'll get one for my mummy too. Her dogs need some work especially since she refuses to get a pedicure!

Thanks Jackie!


Tam Pham said...

that Ped egg infomercial has given me nightmares before...ugh YUCK

leilei said...

I'm going to get a damn Ped Egg. Its only 10 dollah @ Wal-Greens! haha!