Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so i didn't totally hate it

Got back from Spo-Compton, as my hb so lovingly calls it, yesterday afternoon. It was an even longer drive because of the traffic between Cle Elum and Easton. At least my left arm is darker than my right arm now, since I was driving.

Thank goodness we left Momma and Papa Bunny's house pretty early. I wanted to make it home in time for my brother's yummy barbecue - steak, chicken wings, oysters, roast veg and shrimp! Delish! My contribution was a chimichurri sauce for the grilled meats. Super duper easy! You should try it:

1 small shallot
1 lemon (I had to add some white vinegar - my lemon was a tad bitter)
couple cloves of minced garlic
bunch of italian parsley
bunch of cilantro
red pepper flakes

Pretty much just dump everything into a food processor and grind it up! Voila! Tasty steaky!

Anyway, back to Spokane (hopefully not for a long time!)

This time we decided to bring the little one - my family's doggy Napolean. This was his first trip away from home for so long. He was definitely homesick. But we had fun anyway! I took him for a long walk in the morning since for some reason I've been an early bird.

When HB finally woke up, we headed downtown and toured a park that has this humungous Radio Flyer red wagon. I've always wanted to climb on it, but HB hates looking like a tourist in his hometown. I'm like, uhh.. I AM a tourist! Hater. (I'll have to post the pix later.)

Nap-nap had such a good time at the park! He was running around like mad! And then we went and ruined the fun by leaving him at home with Momma Bunny. Poor little guy was so traumatized! He stayed on his bed (we brought it from home) and didn't come out of our room.

HB and I decided to go to the driving range and hit some balls. I swear, time goes by sooooo slowly in Spokane. It took less than an hour! So then we decided to play 9-holes at the local par-3. That usually takes a couple hours right? Nope. Spokane has this time warp where you try to find stuff to do to kill time and like only 30 minutes pass. I guess it doesn't help when I wake up at 7 am. Phooey.

And my back is kinda sore from the golfing because 1) I haven't played since last summer and 2) I'm just totally out of shape.

After golf, we hit up Northtown Mall. It's probably the lamest mall on the planet. I couldn't even bring myself to buy anything, and I LOOOOOVE buying things. Geez, can we finally get out of this god-forsaken mall? I wasn't even motivated enough to go into the Rack for fear that I'd be superbly disappointed with the lack of designer markdowns.

Ooooh, but good thing Momma Bunny was making dinner at home! She made a feast of salt/pepper crab! Oh my! I was sooooo tired after dinner. Who knew how exhausting eating crab could be?! It's too much work for too little meat.

Sadly, it was only like 7:30 pm and doggy seemed too traumatized from being abandoned in a stranger's house that it didn't look like we could sneak out and catch a movie as planned. We wound up watching PBS with Papa Bunny. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

I went to bed at about 10:30 pm and woke up before 7 am. *sigh* Momma Bunny made up for it by having chow mein ready for an early lunch before our early departure! Yay!

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Tam Pham said...

sounds like a fun weekend :-). the recipe sounds great. can't wait to try it. do you marinate the meat in it for a time period or do you just baste it on when you grill?