Saturday, May 24, 2008


I'm in Spokane with hunny bunny now. Just a short 4.5 hour drive over the mountains.

Momma Bunny is so cute! Nearly everytime I've visited, she has a little gift waiting for me. The first time, she had a bottle of Aveda Brilliant shampoo. The next time, she had a huge tube of Skinceuticals SPF! That stuff is not cheap and you usually have to get it from a dermatologist or spa.

This time, because we've been banished to the unfinished basement (his aunt has occupied HB's room), Momma Bunny bought me some adorable havaiana flip flops so me feet don't get icky from the cement floor! She even had them adorned with three little gems! She's so thoughtful.

And yes, those are my unpedicured feet on the cement floor Boo!

Oh and Momma Bunny is hilarious. She calls watermelon "waterlemon"!

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