Monday, July 12, 2010

let it burn

I was lucky enough to score tickets to the Third Annual Burning Beast in Arlington, WA - just a quick drive from Seattle.

I'm a little disappointed in myself because I only heard about this magical food fest this year.. Not to worry though, I redeemed myself by eating 3 years worth of deliciousness, so all is forgiven.

For those of you not in-the-know, 10 Seattle chefs come together and get their grill on with local, sustainably raised animals during this event.

which way did he go?

the mascot (not me.. the wooden beast behind me!)

Robin from Top Chef



what the cluck??

pork belly served on a steamed bun a la Peking duck
(I missed taking a photo of the "pork" station - not to worry, I didn't miss eating it! served with white beans cooked with what else? BACON!)

a little bit spicy and a lotta bit delicious - and cornbread... served with choice of jalapeno, honey or truffle butters (I had 5 pieces!)

he asked me if i wanted skin.. silly question

sadly, they ran out of their bison tacos before I could try it, but I snagged a bit of their bison sausage.

amazing lamb tacos

my kind of rack of lamb

sliced leg of bison was sooo moist!

Skillet's version of lamb

my first encounter with moose - farro with blueberries and english peas topped with moose confit and a side of moose with english pea and fennel puree.

gentleman from Coastal Rovers informed me that the sardines he was cleaning were freshly caught on Saturday. he drove all night from the coast to get them to the Beast! I thanked him for his efforts.

rabbit stuffed with rabbit sausage by Seth Caswell served with a tomato/sour-cherry/arugula salad by Robin from Top Chef!

goat served with white beans

(there was another goat station that i neglected to take a photo of... theirs was completely unadorned, just a hunk of meat. it looked dry and boring compared to the rest but i ate my words as soon as i ate that goat! it was so moist and tender and perfectly seasoned. beyond wonderful!)

and finally, the beast burns....

Who's coming with me next year??


N said...

Dude that is OUT OF CONTROL. Next year, TAKE ME!!!!!!

J.A.C.K said...

ME! ME! ME!!!