Sunday, January 27, 2008

Made in France

We finally made it to Paris. Budapest was lovely. We stayed at this
gorgeous hotel with a swanky spa/pool area. You know its nice when
kids aren't allowed! We sat in the hot tub every night.

The Gellert thermal baths were nice too. We went after a long day at
Castle Hill. We were enjoying ourselves so much that even the speedo
clad oldies didn't make us wanna barf.

Speaking of barf, our hotel in Vienna looked as if ikea yakked all
over the place. They were trying to be too cool. It was icky, but
clean and new.

I can't say the same for our place in Paris. This place is pretty much
scuzzy. It smells like old people. At least there's a washing machine.

I better go buy an Hermes wallet to make myself feel better.

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