Friday, January 18, 2008


So it was my bf and my fake anniversary yesterday. I say fake because
we didn't have an exact date and I wanted an anniversary so he let me
just pick a day.

Anyway, I bought him this really nice Prada down vest that was on
sale. And you wanna know what he got me?

Some long underwear... And being that he's a graphic designer, he made
me the second part of my gift - a voucher for a trip to Mexico, which
he will plan! Holy crap! How can one person be so awesome and lame at
the same time?!

I guess if he actually plans something then he'll be super duper
fantastic and if he doesn't then he'll just be normal! Haha! He aims
usually aims low, so sadly my expectations are pretty low too! Isnt
that sad?

But I <3 him nonetheless!

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