Monday, February 25, 2008

deal or no deal

While I was waiting for my bf to pick me up from work on Friday, I decided to pay a visit to Club Monaco. They had a ton of stuff on clearance! I spent $83 including tax and came out with a dress (orig. $229, on sale for $19!!), a cape and a pleated top (both orig. $149, on sale for $29!)

I know I said I would refrain from shopping, but could you pass up on this deal? Of course not! I practically made money!

Furthermore, on Saturday, I went to Vancouver BC for the day and did NOT buy a single thing! Well, mostly because the exchange rate sucks and Canada doesn't give a tax rebate any more. And you thought Washington state tax was high? It's like 14% there!

And I also deserve a pat on the back for not buying anything at the Duty Free store! I was really really REALLY tempted to buy the Diorshow mascara because it was only $22 (as opposed to $29 at Nordstrom) and the Capture Totale moisturizer that was $99 ($120 at Sephora). But I didn't!

And then I went to the Rack on Sunday and found some cute Tory Burch flats for $120 and I still didn't buy them!

I must be ill.

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