Thursday, February 7, 2008

gung hay -skinny- choy!

Is there such a thing as a happy weight? According to, I need to lose 10-11 lbs in order to be happy. I suppose I would feel a lot better about myself if I lost that weight. *sigh*

Here's the formula (or you can just click on the above link to go to the calculator, though they're slightly different, the answer is about the same):

Multiply your height in inches squared by .031
add 1 lb if your sibling is obese
add 2 lb for ever decade over 20
add 1 lb if you allow yourself a treat once in a while

Good luck!

Speaking of fat though, while we were having dinner one night in Budapest, the waiter served us some bread along with what I thought was butter. It didn't quite look like butter so I tasted it... It was straight-up LARD! No joke. Tasty, wonderfully delicious lard.... ahem.

I only tasted it! I swear!

Happy thoughts...

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