Wednesday, February 27, 2008

just looking

I went to the Gap during lunch yesterday and they had a lot of cute stuff going on. I guess it's the Gap's turn to have a cute season.. Old Navy was cute last year, but I'm totally not diggin' the safari stuff. I don't even like going outside, let alone wear stuff that makes me look like I'm outside.

Of course, I get into one of my obsessive modes and I popped onto their site to see if there was anything else that I missed. Lo and behold! A couple pairs of flats that I like are now on sale!

What I really want is this sweater. It's not on sale yet.

I have one from last year in black. It's not as cute as this one because the seams are on the outside, so people are constantly telling me my sweater is inside-out. It's called style, people! Sheesh.

Hmm.. Since's it's called the boyfriend cardigan, does that mean my bf has to buy it for me? Thanks hunny!

UPDATE: I just went to the Gap again. I tried on the suede flats... I actually like the brown ones now. I don't need any new shoes.

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