Wednesday, February 20, 2008


For the last week, I've been on this mission to find the perfect (inexpensive) silver clutch that my friend is desperate to own. We had to clarify what inexpensive meant since sometimes my sense of value is quite different than the rest of the world.. I guess I could've named my blog "thinkrichbitch".

Anyway, she wants something preferably under $100. I'm starting to realize how difficult it really is to find something of quality in that price range. The really cute ones are all at least twice that.

By far, this little one by Lauren Merkin is my fave.

Of course, while I'm at the site, I click onto the SALE section. What do I find? Can I be more selfish?

It's on sale and I didn't buy it!

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Hapalicious said...

I am so touched that you are still looking! And yes, that clutch is stellar. I am returning a dress to Anthropologie, so perhaps I can funnel that money toward one of these beauties!