Thursday, February 21, 2008


Nearly every year, I buy a new pair of sunglasses. And every year that I buy a new pair of sunglasses, I tell myself that I won't ever want to buy another pair because the ones I bought are just so fabulous. But every year, I want to buy a new pair.

I first saw these in Paris near rue de Rivoli, after we ate Butter Corn Ramen (miso ramen with corn and a huge pat of butter!)

Don't you just adore the flower? Chanel has outdone themselves again! I haven't tried them on yet because I might fall madly in love and have to buy them. Then again, they might not even fit my face because of my flat nose.. But they'd totally be worth it to have creases on my cheeks.

I'm a bit scared to ask how much they cost, but on Ebay, they're about $330. They're probably fake.

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