Thursday, March 27, 2008


I dropped my Lanvin bag off at Nordstrom to get repaired because the strap for the interior pocket snapped off while I was vacationing in Europe. The gal told me that they would have to send it back to Lanvin to have it fixed. I'm always kinda iffy about that but I really wanted it to get done nicely.

Anyway, she told me it'd be 6-8 weeks to get my beloved back and she printed out a receipt with a promise date of March 21, 2008. Cut to today, I hadn't received a phone call, so I called them.

I'm freaking out cos they can't find it! What the eff?? Bitch betta give me my bag or I'm gonna cut somebody!!!

*sniff* Dahling, come home...

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Tam Pham said...

I feel your pain!! The handle to my Lanvin fell off last Friday, and I noticed that one of the screws had come off!! I had to call Barneys and beg them to find me a replacement screw!!! I hope they find your bag!!