Tuesday, April 29, 2008

captain caveman

I've been having some issues with my ankle on and off for the past several months, though it's been mostly on for the last couple weeks. Basically, I haven't able to run at all and sometimes I have to limp. It kinda sucks because I don't like being gimpy. My doc said to give it a few more weeks and if it doesn't get better then he'll xray it and send me to some pedicurist or whatever those foot doctors are called. (I'm joking about the pedicurist. Sheesh! I'm not that airheaded, all the time..)

My yoga instructor thinks my arches are falling. All I know is that I can't wear shoes that are super flat - and that means that a lot sandals out there are out of the question. I need more support, which leads me to these 3.1 Phillip Lim for Tatami on

I know I've sworn up and down about never buying Birkentstocks (just because I'm from Seattle does not make me a tree huggin' granola - although I'm a huge recycler!) but these are so cute! Not to mention Phillip Lim! Doesn't that excuse everything about Birks? (FYI-Tatami are the Banana Republic of Birkenstock!)

Got any other ideas? At $180, they're not obscenely expensive..

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Jack said...

you're gonna need way hairier legs to sport those birks, sis. not just one winter's worth of growth either, i'm talkin' full on dirty frenchman growth...