Friday, April 11, 2008

don't lie

Admit it! You've read nearly all the Sweet Valley High books. You know all about how Elizabeth was born just a few minutes before Jessica and that they're completely identical, right down to the little mole on their left shoulder. You'd tell your friends that you liked Lizzie better, but secretly you wanted to be like Jess because she was kind of a ho! Besides, Enid was so nerdy and Lila Fowler was rich and glamourous and you could borrow her clothes. Yep, you wished you were one of the Wakefield twins driving to school in that red spider Fiat convertible.

Accoring to New York Magazine, they're revamping the Sweet Valley epic (and yes, it is an epic) to capture a new, fresh audience. Basically, the girls get skinnier and skankier. Kids these days.. *shaking head*

I'm going to dig around the garage and see if I can any of my old books. You can borrow them if you want.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! OMG! memory lane! I LOVED sweet valley. Totally remember the spider! Oh man if you end up finding them I so want to borrow some!