Sunday, April 6, 2008

friday night in hel...vetica

Yes, my oh-so-romantic bf decided a romantic evening at home consisted of watching the documentary about, you guessed it, FONTS. And not just any font - the ultimate font helvetica.

Zzzzz... Huh? What? Sans serif!!

Dammit, next week I'm making him watch Atonement AND The Notebook.

Bring out the tissue hunny bunny cos you're in for a cryfest!


karen said...

harold made me watch the preview so i know what you are talking about :(

Tam Pham said...

hey, the palette is AMAZING. i'm asian w/ an olive skin tone, and ALL the colors look great on. my momma's more fair skinned, and the colors look great on her too! she was the one who told me to get it! highly recommend it!

Hapalicious said...

Dude, you should throw in The Other Boelyn Girl for good measure! Mwa-hahahahahaha!