Saturday, April 19, 2008

masters of the universe

I couldn't help myself. I don't know what kind of powers the gays have
over me, but if a gay is sellin', LRB is buyin'. Its sad really.

I went to Nordstrom to look for a bridal shower gift for my
girlfriend. Next thing you know, I'm trying on JBrand and Rich &
Skinny jeans. I ended up buying a pair of skinny JBrands and they
weren't even on sale! Oh woe is me. I am so pathetic. At least I got
a pair of free panties! (They're the Calvin Klein "naked" ones and I
must say theyre pretty amazing. They fit like, err.. Like you're
naked! Might have to get some more!)

Doesn't matter what it is. I will buy anything from a gay! If a gay
asked me to marry him, I probably would.

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Anonymous said...

Hey FYI Sway and cake in bellevue is moving back to DT. The entire store is 30% off. They have some light wash and dark wash skinny jbrands. check it out. Almost bought a pair of light ones but resisted hahaha.