Thursday, April 24, 2008

*pat, pat* good girl!

Ok.. I'm not really that good but I am returning those J Brand jeans that I bought last week at full price from Nordstrom. And instead, I bought these! But wait! They were only $47 at Sway & Cake. Isn't that crazy? They're a little bit big but at that price, I can afford to have them taken in!

Now I have to confess.. While I am returning those first ones, I totally re-bought them at a different store because they were 30% off! I know.. Bad, right? D'oh!

But think of it this way, for the same price I got two! It's like I got a free pair of jeans...

1 comment:

Tam Pham said...

i love your crazy logic! i use that same crazy logic to justify some of my purchases too :-/!